Embarrassingly Ugly Love/Hate Costumes – Spidey Fans may Not Approve of this Message…

In the midst of writing up segment 2 of the “Should I Get Into DIY” series, I realized it was going to take me longer to get the good stuff out. Here’s a little something to tide everyone over.

If you love Spiderman, and you’re not too fanboy to be able to laugh at this video, then I invite you to partake in Italian Spiderman. It’s hard to tell if this is a modern spoof so accurately done that you would swear it was dug up in an archive of old flops. Either way, it’s pretty terrible, and that’s what makes it good.

The costumes in Italian Spiderman inspire the mind to degrade back to mediocrity for the sake of humor. Although I couldn’t pull one of these off with such finesse, it doesn’t mean that I couldn’t try. Who would have thought that the Green Goblin was sufficiently acceptable to Italian cinema goers with simply a pair of green tights on.

Don’t dwell on the video too much, as it may induce unwarranted nausea.

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