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Happy Valentine’s Day!



So, I don’t want to say I’m taking the day off, because I really am contemplating putting something fun out there for Valentine’s Day. What can I say, I love what I do….

But, it would be wholly inappropriate and sad if I didn’t take the time to send my Valentine’s love out to the readers of MyDisguises. I wish there was some way I could supplement the day with a cool idea, fun craft, or something in between.

So with all my heart, I fully encourage every reader of MyDisguises to engage in the cheesiest, most intense session of love spreading possible. Take pictures and videos of your family. Pass out valentines. Stuff your face with chocolate and sweets. Remember those who love you, and show them you love them too. Be creative.

Oh, and most of all… remember your favorite costume blog on the planet.:)

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Anime and Cosplay still not catching on in the U.S. — Do we have our priorities straight?



Funny enough, cosplay tends to be one of the more prominent subject matters here at MD. There seems to be a huge internet community that supports the practice. And, well.. since the Internet is so global the international popularity makes it much more significant.

Still, to this day cosplay is somewhat of an underground subculture that doesn’t see a lot of mainstream daylight. I’m immersed in costume information every day, so I can tend to get a fuzzy idealistic view of just how many people are interested in this sort of thing.

Today, I stumbled on the top 100 costumes as updated daily by Costumezee. Now, I’ve been told to not believe everything the intertubes pump out at me. Therefore I can be skeptical as to how Costumezee has decided these facts. But, what’s in it for them to lie on this matter? Maybe it’s true?

So why all the fuss? Well, as it turns out, “anime” costumes made the bottom of the list. I’m sure a likely explanation is the nature of cosplay, and that most good cosplay is homemade. If this list was truly accurate, the DIY stuff should go in there too. It does beg answers to some questions. How many people who are into cosplay actually make their own outfits? Is Anime and cosplay still too small to notice? Why did disco costumes make number 1!?!

I’d say, so far Anime has made leaps and bounds when it comes into crashing on the American market. Although it’s still a lesser appreciated form of entertainment in comparison to the prominence it retains in Japan, cosplay costumes should be a tad higher on the list, no? What do you think?

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Guillermo Del Toro To Direct The Hobbit and Marvel’s Dr. Strange?


Worth mentioning? Yes. We did a small piece on the work Del Toro did with Pan’s Labyrinth, and it was well worth the writing, since we had a boatload of visitors come read. The costumes were second to none. Not to mention the special effects…

Well, Del Toro has been busy since his acclaimed film finished in the box office. He is done with shooting for Hellboy II, but word is that he’s locked down the directing job for The Hobbit. Despite his busy forthcoming year, Movieweb reports that he’s also interested in doing Marvel’s Dr. Strange.

Strange is less well-known than such Marvel mainstays as Spider-Man, the X-Men or The Hulk, but is an important figure in Marvel mythology, serving as the Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth’s dimension.

“I talked with Neil Gaiman [about writing it],” he says. “I said, that’s an interesting character because you can definitely make him more in the pulpy occult detective/magician mould and formula than was done in the Weird Tales, for example…the idea of a character that really dabbles in the occult in a way that’s not X-Filey, where the supernatural is taken for granted. That’s interesting…But I wouldn’t use the suit!”

Well, there is some definite interest. Safe to say that this one is in the right hands? Well, it’s not a sure thing. From the costume side, it should be pretty much a slam dunk in my opinion. We’ll have to keep aware of this one.

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Kostume Kult and the Alt. Oscars

As a rule, I usually plug myself into any good costume news or whatnot as much as possible. And, while this proverbial needle goes right to my creative jugular, it can still be hard to find a good event that’s worthy of a coveted spot on my Outlook calendar. Then again, I didn’t belong to Kostume Kult. Then again, that’s until now.

Kostume Kult came to my attention as I was searching Google Groups for like-minded costume nuts. When I was accepted to the group (thanks, guys), I noticed their about me page. The creed went a little something like this:

We are a costume artist & event group that has BIG FUN creating costume themed events and street theater spectacles. We invite all creative party people and overgrown kids to join us.

Perfect. You don’t need to tell me twice. I found the group, went to the homepage, and eventually stumbled upon an event they’re hosting up in NYC later this month.


The event is called “Alt. Oscar” and it looks to be some kind of mock awards show for costumes. It sounds like it’s a big deal, so it has to be worth the time. After looking through it, I found another site for the event hosting all kinds of information and even video. It sounds like a bash not worth missing.

If you’re local and into it, you need to stop by the place. We’ll check back to see what’s up and try to get some follow up to the whole thing. In the meantime, click over.


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CARSAUC gets a name change, because no one knows what’s going on…


I have a deep love for acronyms. Sometimes I make unacronymable things into acronyms. If I have to blog, but want to work on something else like traffic, I call it "Misplaced Priorities on the Job Syndrome" (MPOTJS). Sometimes I get all hungry for swashbuckling adventures, also known as "Pirate Awesomeness Induced Adventurousness" (PAIA). You get the point, right?

Well, it’s no wonder then that I decided to acronym a segment here at MyDisguises (and one of our more popular ones at that). CARSAUC is also known as "Coalition for the Appreciation of Random, Strange, Awful and Ugly Costumes". As time has gone on, I’ve realized that there are few who even understand this, and for that I am sorry.

Therefore, the time has come to assign a more clear name to a favorite segment at MyDisguises. CARSAUC will heretofore be known to the common blog reader as….

Things that make you go "woof"

Wait, no. That’s not good. How about this one:

Your MyDisguises Daily Do Diligence

Ugh, terrible. Okay, here it is.. I think this will be it… hmm. Well I don’t have any fresh ideas yet. But in the meantime, here is your submission for today’s ugly costume submission. Don’t be afraid to knock it. That’s what the segment is for.


Yeah, this is ugly. Funny, but ugly. There’s a certain kind of mom that does this for their kid. They’re usually funny types. They’re also usually the type to pick you up from the high school parking lot wearing a Don King wig and goofy thick bottle neck glasses so all your friends can see… I’m not bitter, Mom. I swear.

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Unmasking The Community – Should I Get Into "DIY"? – Part 1


We talk a lot about DIY on the blog, and for good reason. Although you can find some great costumes to buy, it’s real satisfying to say you’ve made one from the ground up. After all, costumes are about getting attention and having fun. What better way to do it than by getting people curious about your sense of style and craftiness?

If you’re like most people, you don’t make anything too fancy. A lot of costume fans are intimidated by the intensity of work or creativity that goes into some of these home made outfits. So it begs the question, how worth it is it to go the extra mile and make a custom costume? In this first segment, we explore what it takes to get into DIY and feel ready to take on a big project.

Do I have the "know-how"?

A lot of people talk about costume making and how they don’t do it because they can’t sew, paint, draw, or whatever. These are legit concerns, as it seems that general creativity has to be supplemented by good craftsmanship. Ultimately, that is true but only to an extent.

A great costumer and artisan knows that thinking outside the box, using unique media, and being different from the norm are essential to making something that stands out. What do we mean? We mean, if you can’t do it one way, you can try another. Here are some tips.

  • Find your own creative ability and try to exploit it – Awhile ago we talked about a mechanically savvy individual who made a Ghostbusters pack out of metal and parts he put together. No sewing, painting, or anything like that required. In the end, it had to be one of the most unique DIY projects we’ve ever seen.
  • Enlist a group for brainstorming – It’s more than important to get minds rolling. Sometimes, creativity is spawned from some terribly uncreative ideas. People bouncing ideas off one another is a prime way to get this accomplished.
  • Enlist help for the things you don’t do well – Making it a group project is way more fun than a tub full of silly putty. Try bringing in the people you know who are good at what they do. Artists and craftsmen always love a good project, and you can learn a lot on the way.

Ultimately, you have to ask yourself what you can and can’t do. Once you know these things, you can begin the process.

Some of the best DIY costumes we have seen weren’t necessarily amazingly crafted. What makes a wonderful DIY costume is the faithful tribute it is to your imagination. Whether you’re recreating a classic costume with exactness, doing something so strange and so funny, it’s unmatched, or whether you are trying to make people gasp in disbelief, your final effect is where the masterful nature of your craft comes out.

In the next few segments, we’ll talk more about getting into DIY. We’ll explore the planning and preparation process, what sort of things to get involved for some attention once you’ve made a costume, and finally we’ll talk to some big DIY fanatics who are pros at their craft. Stick around for more if you’d like to set your heart on DIY costumes and crafts.

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Akihabara loves Tommy Lee Jones, but does Tommy Lee love Akihabara?

You know Akihabara… that Otaku central. The place of great cosplay goodness. The beacon of socially accepted Anime fandom. The home of the Tokyo Dance Trooper… you know it well.

Then you also know Tommy Lee Jones. Serious actor, big star, not terribly funny?

Well, put him in a Japanese commercial, in the center of cosplay world, and surrounded by peppy anime loving costumed japanese girls, and it’s sure to make you confused. Funny? Potentially.

Sadly, I didn’t learn Japanese for the sake of keeping this blog, so I can’t make out the words. Translation anyone?

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