We Missed Wonder Con…


WonderCon CosplayYeah, colossal mess up on our part. Wonder Con is only one of the most classic dress up events this side of the equator. You would think we would have been on top of it. Missing Wonder Con coverage is about as bad as having to suck on sugar free candies for a month straight. It’s bad… real bad.

Luckily the guys at Wired took care of getting some good high quality photos in their Geek Chic Gallery.

For those of you who don’t know, Wonder Con is a haven for Comic, Gaming, Anime subculture gurus. It’s the spiritual sibling of Comic Con and is sponsored by EA… yeah that’s right, it’s big bananas. I can’t even justify this mistake.

I’m hopping on the phone today to scrounge up whatever deets (uh, details that is) I can. Maybe get me a press pass to next year’s event or something special for Comic Con.

So, I leave my most heartfelt apologies. I’ll scour the Interweb for the best pictures… in the meantime check out Wired’s gallery and forgive me as much as you can.

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