Dennis Quaid For New Role in G.I. Joe Film

I can’t help but wonder a lot about this upcoming film. If you’ve seen the original G.I. Joe, and you know anything about the current political climate, it’s enough to make you rather do some quantum physics than figure this out. Nonetheless, Dennis Quaid is starring as General Hawk in the new G.I. Joe movie and this image has made itself apparent on the Internet.

Denis Quaid as General Hawk in the G.I. Joe Film General Hawk from G.I. Joe

According to slashfilm this appears to be a first emerging photo for the movie. Quaid talked about putting blonde streaks in his hair, and it makes sense if you see old images of General Hawk. Either way I’m sure it will work. We’ve gracefully entered a period where old cartoon and comic-to-movie adaptations have turned out pretty good. Quaid will star alongside Sienna Miller and Channing Tatum in the classic 80’s cartoon remake.

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