Posing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is a Moment of Truth for the Seafair Pirates

As probably one of the longest running and most looked at costumed group of entusiasts, the Seafair Pirates have stepped into the limelight and are poised to be seen by readers of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


 Model Melissa Haro poses with the Seafair Pirate crew 


The Seafair Pirates are an organization started in 1949 that has spent time and energy uniting people in events for charity and otherwise. Despite it’s antiquated look, their homepage boasts over 6.5 million visits, so their clout is not to be ignored. Since the film shoot, the Seattle group has made headlines all over for their participation in a photo shoot that is expected to be seen by over 300 million viewers. How’s that for exposure?

According to a news article, fashion designer Victoria Glenn doesn’t seem to mind all the unrecognized publicity:

“It doesn’t matter,” said Victoria Glenn, who designed the gear for Pirates’ captain, Kevin Craft. “Just to see your work in a publication like that is so thrilling.”

Glenn, a teacher at the New York Fashion Academy in Ballard, has been a designer for more than three decades and has a shop in North Seattle. She’s made gear for some Seafair Pirates off and on for the last 10 years. She also made the wedding dress for Bill Gates’ wife, Melinda, and lists local jazz legend Ernestine Anderson as a client.

We would have to agree. The costumes are great and the traditions run deep. It’s notable that any costumed group of enthusiasts could last this long and have this much to show for. So it begs the question then… are pirates officially better than ninjas?


Melissa Haro seafair Pirates 2

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