Anime and Cosplay still not catching on in the U.S. — Do we have our priorities straight?



Funny enough, cosplay tends to be one of the more prominent subject matters here at MD. There seems to be a huge internet community that supports the practice. And, well.. since the Internet is so global the international popularity makes it much more significant.

Still, to this day cosplay is somewhat of an underground subculture that doesn’t see a lot of mainstream daylight. I’m immersed in costume information every day, so I can tend to get a fuzzy idealistic view of just how many people are interested in this sort of thing.

Today, I stumbled on the top 100 costumes as updated daily by Costumezee. Now, I’ve been told to not believe everything the intertubes pump out at me. Therefore I can be skeptical as to how Costumezee has decided these facts. But, what’s in it for them to lie on this matter? Maybe it’s true?

So why all the fuss? Well, as it turns out, “anime” costumes made the bottom of the list. I’m sure a likely explanation is the nature of cosplay, and that most good cosplay is homemade. If this list was truly accurate, the DIY stuff should go in there too. It does beg answers to some questions. How many people who are into cosplay actually make their own outfits? Is Anime and cosplay still too small to notice? Why did disco costumes make number 1!?!

I’d say, so far Anime has made leaps and bounds when it comes into crashing on the American market. Although it’s still a lesser appreciated form of entertainment in comparison to the prominence it retains in Japan, cosplay costumes should be a tad higher on the list, no? What do you think?

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