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It’s only fair you get a sweet recap of all the good stuff that graced your computer screen over the last week. Yeah, it sounds cocky I know. But hey, where else do you go for an all-costuming blog? Hmm?


Revisiting Our Favorite Costume Sites – We take a look at the best of the best sites covered by MyDisguises.

The Famous Disguise – If you haven’t seen this video, you lose. Okay, maybe you don’t lose, but it’s incredible.


MyDisguises 2007 Winners and Losers – 2007 was huge, and there was a lot to see. We break down the best costumes and stories of the last year and reveal them to the readers.


Time’s Best Loved Film Costumes – The movies are a cultural phenomenon. Time Magazine helps us look at the iconic wardrobes that become almost as important as the actors behind them in their best loved costumes of all time.


An Intro to “Steampunk” – Steampunk is a culture that is ripe for the costume world. Most people who love steampunk have put some time into making their own stuff, and we take a quick look at what’s behind it all.

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