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A small collection of Wonder Con Costume goodness…

Somehow, I wish these were original. Nonetheless, I’m working on getting over the fact that I didn’t get out to Wonder Con and cover it. I’m trying to move on. I’ll be scrounging up all the good info and pics I can find for those of us who haven’t already located every tidbit of information on the Internet.

I’m also testing out this new gallery, so for now feast your eyes on the new gallery feature and our “found” Wonder Con pics.

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Alexandra Byrne wins Academy Award for Best Costume Design, The Nominees

The 80th Annual Academy Awards almost slipped by us under the Writer’s Guild strike, but alas we got our show. Sunday night, big films like No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood took home high honors. But, what about the costume design award?

The Nominees

Across The Universe

Across The UniverseSet in an unsettled time, Across the Universe tackles the turbulent times of the 70’s. A young Englishman makes his way to the US and finds the woman he’s always dreamed of. Just as they delve into the world head first without want for caution, the Vietnam War hits and their world is changed.

Designer Albert Wolsky has credits to his name that need no explanation. Recently he did both Across the Universe and Charlie Wilson’s War, films with a taste for throwback appeal. As far as Universe goes, director Julie Taymor did an impeccable job echoing the feel for the psychadelic era in a way that a film should.


AtonementWe featured a bit about the movie Atonement earlier with Time magazine’s "best movie costumes" article. Jacqueline Durran, also noted for her awards with designing costumes for the 2005 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, has recieved a ton of clout for the costumes of this film. It’s with good reason too.

Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – Who doesn’t love a good Tim Burton film with the clever macabre charm. Sweeney Todd originated a couple of decades back on the stage, and Burton has brought it back with Johnny Depp to the silver screen. Colleen Atwood has worked with Burton for a long time and has a significant list of heavyweight titles to her credits.

La Vie En Rose

La Vie En RoseMarit Allen is a first timer to the Academy Awards. Her work in the film La Vie En Rose is another tribute to early century European style. The film traces the life of famous French pop singer, Edith Piaf and the tragic events of her life. The movie premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and has had numerous awards and nominations since.

Alexandra Byrne Wins For Elizabeth: The Golden Age


Despite a long list of great achievements in film costuming, the winner of this year’s Academy Award went to Alexandra Byrne of Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Byrne has only costumed 8 films up through her work on Elizabeth. Nonetheless, she is used to getting recognition for her work. Being nomiated 3 times before for Hamlet (1996), Elizabeth (1998), and Finding Neverland (2004), Byrne exemplifies excellence in classic themed costume design. Beginning of a trend?

It turns out interesting that classic costumes seem to rule the pack when the Academy makes their vote. It’s a great lesson in the importance in imagination and style, but accurate detail to authenticity. Byrne’s work is likely to be commissioned by directors for a long time.

We have yet to see what 2008 will bring us, and we’ll probably make some suggestions along the way. However, for now the results are in and it looks like the choice was a good one. 


We Missed Wonder Con…


WonderCon CosplayYeah, colossal mess up on our part. Wonder Con is only one of the most classic dress up events this side of the equator. You would think we would have been on top of it. Missing Wonder Con coverage is about as bad as having to suck on sugar free candies for a month straight. It’s bad… real bad.

Luckily the guys at Wired took care of getting some good high quality photos in their Geek Chic Gallery.

For those of you who don’t know, Wonder Con is a haven for Comic, Gaming, Anime subculture gurus. It’s the spiritual sibling of Comic Con and is sponsored by EA… yeah that’s right, it’s big bananas. I can’t even justify this mistake.

I’m hopping on the phone today to scrounge up whatever deets (uh, details that is) I can. Maybe get me a press pass to next year’s event or something special for Comic Con.

So, I leave my most heartfelt apologies. I’ll scour the Interweb for the best pictures… in the meantime check out Wired’s gallery and forgive me as much as you can.

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Halloween 2008 Countdown – Journalized Ideas

Early? EARLY!? Do you KNOW what blog you’re reading?

It’s a good thing to plan ahead. In the seventh grade I had to give up and deliver my lines in a children’s theater rendition of “The Wind in the Willows”. With no lines memorized, no plans on what to do with my hands, I played a terrible party. Worst thing is that I only had one line. I was the jailer…

So you can see, I don’t like to screw things up. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

Halloween Countdown has begun, and with no regret. We’re going to make sure you’re ready this year. For this first part of my segment I’m going to introduce you to preparations that will make you so ready for Halloween, you’ll be the belle or beau of the ball… or beast if that’s what you prefer.

Journal Sketches

Prepare with ideas and a journal 

Costumes are a thing of creativity. No one ever got away with a good costume award without having to owe some love to their creative side.  But creativity is one thing when it’s in your mind and a whole other when it’s on paper.

Here’s what you do:

  • Get a nice journal from a nice place. Barnes and Noble comes highly recommended, and the Moleskine journals are perfect.
  • Select on big enough to sketch in, as you’ll need some images to make it right.
  • Get post-it tabs that you can stick in some pages and color coat them with.
  • Keep the journal handy in a spot where you get most creative.

The idea is to act on inspiration the second you have it. It’s not hard, and once you write things down, it’s amazing where your mind will take you.

As a small business starter, I’ve done this for most of my life. You won’t believe the ideas I’ve come up with and thrown away. There are yet others I had, but did nothing about. Eventually someone else took the money and ran. You may regret not executing some ideas, and being gung ho about others. However you will never regret writing them down. It’s an exercise in confidence and faith. Try it.

That ought to keep you busy for awhile. We’ll come back soon with more ideas on how to prepare for Halloween early.

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My Disguises Pit Battle – Darth Vader vs. Optimus Prime

Could this be a battle of the ages? Transformers and Star Wars both held significant interest in the eighties, albeit branching into different interest groups. Both have also received modern adaptations for a significant injection of retro love on the silver screen. Fans come from all walks of life on both these two series and so we decided to put these costumes in the ring and battle it out. Which one comes out on top? Which one will step down?

Darth Vader

Darth Vader – If you want to get a Vader costume going, you have to go all the way. Despite the fact that it could set you back hundreds of dollars to get your geeky fanboy Vader loving self into one of these getups, it’s still impressive. Call it obsessive, but who doesn’t love some Darth Vader?

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime – We picked Optimus Prime for opposing reasons to the Darth costume. You can’t really buy an Optimus Prime costume. Well, not a good one. That doesn’t stop DIY fans everywhere from making their own and making it awesome. Optimus Prime gets points for originality and creativity, but does it stack up against the authentic Vader getup?

Cast your votes and see who wins…

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Dennis Quaid For New Role in G.I. Joe Film

I can’t help but wonder a lot about this upcoming film. If you’ve seen the original G.I. Joe, and you know anything about the current political climate, it’s enough to make you rather do some quantum physics than figure this out. Nonetheless, Dennis Quaid is starring as General Hawk in the new G.I. Joe movie and this image has made itself apparent on the Internet.

Denis Quaid as General Hawk in the G.I. Joe Film General Hawk from G.I. Joe

According to slashfilm this appears to be a first emerging photo for the movie. Quaid talked about putting blonde streaks in his hair, and it makes sense if you see old images of General Hawk. Either way I’m sure it will work. We’ve gracefully entered a period where old cartoon and comic-to-movie adaptations have turned out pretty good. Quaid will star alongside Sienna Miller and Channing Tatum in the classic 80’s cartoon remake.

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Posing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is a Moment of Truth for the Seafair Pirates

As probably one of the longest running and most looked at costumed group of entusiasts, the Seafair Pirates have stepped into the limelight and are poised to be seen by readers of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


 Model Melissa Haro poses with the Seafair Pirate crew 


The Seafair Pirates are an organization started in 1949 that has spent time and energy uniting people in events for charity and otherwise. Despite it’s antiquated look, their homepage boasts over 6.5 million visits, so their clout is not to be ignored. Since the film shoot, the Seattle group has made headlines all over for their participation in a photo shoot that is expected to be seen by over 300 million viewers. How’s that for exposure?

According to a news article, fashion designer Victoria Glenn doesn’t seem to mind all the unrecognized publicity:

“It doesn’t matter,” said Victoria Glenn, who designed the gear for Pirates’ captain, Kevin Craft. “Just to see your work in a publication like that is so thrilling.”

Glenn, a teacher at the New York Fashion Academy in Ballard, has been a designer for more than three decades and has a shop in North Seattle. She’s made gear for some Seafair Pirates off and on for the last 10 years. She also made the wedding dress for Bill Gates’ wife, Melinda, and lists local jazz legend Ernestine Anderson as a client.

We would have to agree. The costumes are great and the traditions run deep. It’s notable that any costumed group of enthusiasts could last this long and have this much to show for. So it begs the question then… are pirates officially better than ninjas?


Melissa Haro seafair Pirates 2

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Today’s Instructable, Not For The Faint Of Heart

Instructables has always been a knock out for good DIY content. Without enough time to scour the pages frequently enough, I don’t see everything. Upon loading up the front page today, I came across this instructable on how to make an effective and convincing gunshot wound. It’s pretty sick looking, and not for the faint of heart, but if you’re making your own costumes it’s a must.


Since Instructables is always good for a step-by-step tutorial, you can check it out and plan out your costumes accordingly. Instructables user, Trumpetneel, seems to have a knack for these discusting flesh lacerations and wounds, so he’ll have more for you when you check it out. Now, to figure out how I’m going to manage breakfast…

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