Mardi Gras 2008, Now With 100% More Reasons

Mardi Gras Costume 100%

The first few months of the year are what we call in the world of costumes “slow season”. That means all the big costume holidays have passed and nothing too big is coming up to warrant planning and creating of your next Halloween creation. Unless you’re about as obsessed as a Hannah Montana super fan, you’re not doing much with your costumes at this time of year. Well, because I’m nice and because I think it’s good for you I’m giving you another excuse.

That’s right, Mardi Gras is coming up. Don’t confuse it with Carnival. Both are intense celebrations of all things crazy and wild, but they are different. Here in the U.S. we look to New Orleans for the biggest party. So what’s pulling you in this year? Maybe we can give you reasons to celebrate…

According to reports, this year’s Mardi Gras will be as busy as any. Hotel room capacities are already at 90% in New Orleans, and they’re still going fast. This is remarkable considering the still recent tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. However, that’s not stopping tourists from planning to come out in huge numbers.

And as for us, well Mardi Gras is made for us. It’s the one time you can get into the craziest, most wild costume you can possibly conjure. The City of New Orleans makes it legal for everyone to wear a mask and take part in the festivities.

Krewes all over the city plan out big parties, galas, parades, and bashes that are epic in size and wild in nature. The city alone generates over $1 billion in revenues on the event, despite it being free to attend.

If you’re not planning on going, reconsider. Gather some mismatched costume pieces. Buy whatever you can find that takes care of your wacky costume needs. Add in some photos and you’re set to go. You’ll surely come home with enough throws to keep for next year’s celebration.

Who knows, if you clean up well enough, you could maybe throw your own Mardi Gras themed party later on in the year. We’re all about reawakening the holidays for some costume fun.

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