To Our New Readers…

Well it’s been a few great months blogging for MyDisguises. There’s a lot to talk about. So many people have come and gone, and the visits are well into the tens of thousands. Some stay for a long time, others just flash on in for a quick peek. Either way, we plan to bring you great content for a long time. Here are a few things we like to tell the new visitors to help them get the most of the blog. This is always a learning process for us, so we hope to streamline the experience.

These three tips are a great way to get more than you ever thought you could out of MyDisguises…

Subscribe to our RSS feed – I know this sounds selfish, sure we want you to read it all. But there’s more behind it. The RSS subscription capabilities will make life easier for you and let you get MyDisguises on demand. We previously did a post about RSS feeds so┬ácheck it out here if you want to know more.

Leave comments to get the conversations going – Some of our readers have agreed with us, while others find the things we say contrary to their opinions. That’s okay! We encourage discussion and commentary. Once you click on any of our posts, you’ll find a place to leave your 2 cents at the bottom. Go for it, by all means. There aren’t a lot of places online where you can just stew over all things costume related, so MyDisguises is a wonderful start.

Submit news and ideas to the blog – We don’t claim to know everything but are always on the prowl for news, ideas, musings, instructions, and anything else you may have to share. I’ll be putting our email in a more prominent spot where you can contact us. If you have something you want to get out there, shoot it to our email and we’ll be sure you’re published!

Hopefully those three things will keep you up to date, in the conversation, and always informed on all things good with costumes. Let us know if you have any other great ideas.

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