Homebrewed – The LOLcat Halloween Costume

It’s funny how most of the world who spends significant time on the Internet somehow develops this sense of humor that’s unrecognizable to the non web browsing community. Call it geeky, call it socially strange, sure whatever. But in the end, there’s just some funny stuff out there.

I’m not a person who loves cats hardly at all. I don’t hate them, just not a lover. But, this strange indescribable phenomenon that is LOLcats has somehow captivated me with enough ridiculous charm to rival Hulk Hogan’s debut into the music business (If that’s too tempting to tickle your curious bone, then check out Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Band. It’s gold, I swear).

A blogger, Google employee, and purveyor of grand knowledge of the interwebs, Matt Cutts took the LOLcat phenomenon and combined it with the spirit of homebrewed costumes this last Halloween for a costume never seen before. It’s not necessarily anything we would award with medals of high honors in construction and design. However, he does get about a billion points for being the first to ride the crest of the LOLcats wave. Bravo, Matt… I lol’ed.


Real LOLcat in the wild.



Nice Job, Matt.

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