The Decemberists, Masters of Costumed Subtlety

The Decemberists are that kind of band that makes you think of something for a long time. They remind you of a sound you’ve heard, but you won’t put your finger on it. All the while, you conjure images in your mind subconsciously that make you piece together their feel and ambiance without cognitively coercing it. The end result could be different for people, but the process is deeper than you realize and greater than you get with any average band.

Okay, enough of my indie rock love affair blabber…

One thing the Decemberists know how to do is make a video and make it clever. Some of their stuff has a distinctly Wes Anderson feel to it. Everything in the videos is crafted to mimic their feel without being the same every time. Credit goes out to the video directors, but this band has a style they wear on them whether on video or not.

For me, in the end I keep thinking about pirates. They sound like pirate music to me. Hey, not bad.

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