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Mardi Gras 2008, Now With 100% More Reasons

Mardi Gras Costume 100%

The first few months of the year are what we call in the world of costumes “slow season”. That means all the big costume holidays have passed and nothing too big is coming up to warrant planning and creating of your next Halloween creation. Unless you’re about as obsessed as a Hannah Montana super fan, you’re not doing much with your costumes at this time of year. Well, because I’m nice and because I think it’s good for you I’m giving you another excuse.

That’s right, Mardi Gras is coming up. Don’t confuse it with Carnival. Both are intense celebrations of all things crazy and wild, but they are different. Here in the U.S. we look to New Orleans for the biggest party. So what’s pulling you in this year? Maybe we can give you reasons to celebrate…

According to reports, this year’s Mardi Gras will be as busy as any. Hotel room capacities are already at 90% in New Orleans, and they’re still going fast. This is remarkable considering the still recent tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. However, that’s not stopping tourists from planning to come out in huge numbers.

And as for us, well Mardi Gras is made for us. It’s the one time you can get into the craziest, most wild costume you can possibly conjure. The City of New Orleans makes it legal for everyone to wear a mask and take part in the festivities.

Krewes all over the city plan out big parties, galas, parades, and bashes that are epic in size and wild in nature. The city alone generates over $1 billion in revenues on the event, despite it being free to attend.

If you’re not planning on going, reconsider. Gather some mismatched costume pieces. Buy whatever you can find that takes care of your wacky costume needs. Add in some photos and you’re set to go. You’ll surely come home with enough throws to keep for next year’s celebration.

Who knows, if you clean up well enough, you could maybe throw your own Mardi Gras themed party later on in the year. We’re all about reawakening the holidays for some costume fun.

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An Intro To "Steampunk"

It’s time that we brought steampunk culture to MyDisguises, and made it a frequent topic.

Steampunk is “a subgenre of fantasy and speculative fiction” that borrows heavily from 18th century industrial age mechanics and styles. The marriage of that with fantasy settings has evolved to adapt a large fan base that is in love with the juxtaposition. Even more traditional fantasy settings in film, games, and literature have grown to adapt some of the mechanophiliac interests.

Steampunk culture is responsible for some of the most unique costume and setting design ever before seen. Although I’ve never personally seen a steampunk costume in the flesh (or the metal), it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done. The genre has showed itself into pop-culture on a number of occasions:

Steampunk Guitar

Steampunk Guitar (via Thunder Eagle)

Custom work like this is typical in steampunk DIY. It’s one of those kinds of DIY you just have to get right, or it doesn’t work at all. Common themes of rust, gears, and bronze metals are typical of steampunk work.

So how would steampunk work with costumes? After browsing around, I grabbed some photos and added some links to get the mental cogs turning. Maybe we can inspire a steampunk costume off for next Halloween. In the meantime, take a look here.

Steampunk Ocular Device

steampunk gun

steampunk costume

steampunk goggles

Links to steampunk work and images:

Steampunk Costume Update

Ocular Thingy Fixes Our Steampunk Craving For The Day

Steampunk Blog – Brass Goggles


We hope to write more about steampunk soon, and will be looking into a costume contest for the best DIY steampunk work. I’ll keep the links here updated as I find more. Keep tuned and bookmark us for more steampunk in the future.



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Time’s Best Loved Film Costumes

Time magazine has been around for ages. One of their real trademark skills is capturing culture in pictures.

A roommate of mine who is all too aware of my costume blogging appropriately tipped me off on a link over at Time. Both he and I love to read and Time is on the list. They put together a photo essay of the 10 best loved film costumes of all time. Well, that’s according to them.

Here’s a link.

What makes these costumes stand out? More than anything it’s the recognition factor. Anyone dressed in similar outfits will immediately get a staring eye of nostalgia. And as for our impressions? Well, here’s what we have to say.

Keira Knightley as Cecilia Tallis in Atonement – Too early to tell for this one, as she’s easily stacked up against some real classics that have taken years to acquire their status.

Cecilia Tallis

Marilyn Monroe as the Girl in The Seven Year Itch – Perfect choice, as it has inspired countless recreations of the costume by fans and impersonators. Earlier this year, this and many of Monroe’s other famous dresses went on exhibit and we were able to post about it here.

Marilyn Monroe

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany’s – Truly a tribute to the modern princess, and none could wear it like Hepburn. We give our approval on this choice as well.

Audrey Hepburn

Olivia Newton John as Sandy Olsson in Grease – I remember thinking that this movie was from the 50’s when I was a kid. Now, I know better, but it does give a clap to the costumes from the flick. They did a great job at recreating an era and making it as charming as could be.


Check out the photo essay to get the rest of the selections…

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Revisiting Our Favorite Costume Sites

2007 brought us upon some of the coolest sites we have seen in a long time. We thought we’d pay a quick visit back to some of the big ones and see just what’s up…

Project Rooftop

I fell in love with this site immediately, as it’s something I’ve never seen before. Comic book artist Dean Trippe put together this blog with the endeavor to re-costume some of the most well known super heroes in pop culture. In the end there are some terribly clever adaptations on classic looks that we have seen on Project Rooftop.

Rooftop likes to host contests for wardrobe redesigns and new looks. I browsed a few of them and must say they attract the most creative artists and gung-ho enthusiasts.

Most notably is the Fights, Flights, and Tights contest. This is where they trade pen and paper for fabric and mask. The annual costume contest brings in some of the more clever comic fans, so you can expect some real classy looks.


Don’t miss the contest and leave some comments. There’s sure to be a MyDisguises reader that will be submitting to the contest soon enough.

Handmade Detroit

Handmade Detroit isn’t quite all about costumes. However, they have their share of content that is great for anyone who is into the DIY thing. Whether you’re dressing up your body for Halloween, your house for the holidays, or your wardrobe with something flashy, it’s good to get tips here.

Since we were last at Handmade Detroit, we noticed plenty of posts covering the Holidays. Regrettably, I personally didn’t get the chance to implement any of the suggestions for my own personal holiday celebration. However, there’s always good content flowing in and out of the site.

My personal pick for the Handmade Detroit contribution not to be missed is the “12 Days of Crafty Projects” segment. It’s classy and looks like a lot of fun.

Russian Stockings


Ahh retroCRUSH, I love you. This site is worth more than all the Garbage Pail Kids you can muster (Actually, I bet they’d love to see your collection). It’s a respectful, light-hearted, and amazingly fun tribute to all things of the past worth remembering. I get a warm feeling every time I even peek in to see what’s going on.

retroCRUSH always has gems, and it’s hard to pinpoint their best. Personally I’d take a look a few particulars.

First is the retroCRUSH Toy Box of Glory. Here you’ll find all the cool toys you played with as a kid and couldn’t let go of. Slinkys, Stretch Armstrong, Weebles, Ouija Boards, you name it. The gallery is pretty comprehensive and there are videos and pictures to accompany everything.


I’d say that the Gallery of Retrobabes is something for the guys, but there’s just too much good nostalgia for women to not appreciate. On the costume side of things, it’s real fun to see some of these old actresses and celebrities decked out in some of their famous garb from popular films. It’s an enthusiasts hot spot.

Heck, even the web site’s layout and design is pleasantly retro.

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To Our New Readers…

Well it’s been a few great months blogging for MyDisguises. There’s a lot to talk about. So many people have come and gone, and the visits are well into the tens of thousands. Some stay for a long time, others just flash on in for a quick peek. Either way, we plan to bring you great content for a long time. Here are a few things we like to tell the new visitors to help them get the most of the blog. This is always a learning process for us, so we hope to streamline the experience.

These three tips are a great way to get more than you ever thought you could out of MyDisguises…

Subscribe to our RSS feed – I know this sounds selfish, sure we want you to read it all. But there’s more behind it. The RSS subscription capabilities will make life easier for you and let you get MyDisguises on demand. We previously did a post about RSS feeds so┬ácheck it out here if you want to know more.

Leave comments to get the conversations going – Some of our readers have agreed with us, while others find the things we say contrary to their opinions. That’s okay! We encourage discussion and commentary. Once you click on any of our posts, you’ll find a place to leave your 2 cents at the bottom. Go for it, by all means. There aren’t a lot of places online where you can just stew over all things costume related, so MyDisguises is a wonderful start.

Submit news and ideas to the blog – We don’t claim to know everything but are always on the prowl for news, ideas, musings, instructions, and anything else you may have to share. I’ll be putting our email in a more prominent spot where you can contact us. If you have something you want to get out there, shoot it to our email and we’ll be sure you’re published!

Hopefully those three things will keep you up to date, in the conversation, and always informed on all things good with costumes. Let us know if you have any other great ideas.

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Homebrewed – The LOLcat Halloween Costume

It’s funny how most of the world who spends significant time on the Internet somehow develops this sense of humor that’s unrecognizable to the non web browsing community. Call it geeky, call it socially strange, sure whatever. But in the end, there’s just some funny stuff out there.

I’m not a person who loves cats hardly at all. I don’t hate them, just not a lover. But, this strange indescribable phenomenon that is LOLcats has somehow captivated me with enough ridiculous charm to rival Hulk Hogan’s debut into the music business (If that’s too tempting to tickle your curious bone, then check out Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Band. It’s gold, I swear).

A blogger, Google employee, and purveyor of grand knowledge of the interwebs, Matt Cutts took the LOLcat phenomenon and combined it with the spirit of homebrewed costumes this last Halloween for a costume never seen before. It’s not necessarily anything we would award with medals of high honors in construction and design. However, he does get about a billion points for being the first to ride the crest of the LOLcats wave. Bravo, Matt… I lol’ed.


Real LOLcat in the wild.



Nice Job, Matt.

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The Decemberists, Masters of Costumed Subtlety

The Decemberists are that kind of band that makes you think of something for a long time. They remind you of a sound you’ve heard, but you won’t put your finger on it. All the while, you conjure images in your mind subconsciously that make you piece together their feel and ambiance without cognitively coercing it. The end result could be different for people, but the process is deeper than you realize and greater than you get with any average band.

Okay, enough of my indie rock love affair blabber…

One thing the Decemberists know how to do is make a video and make it clever. Some of their stuff has a distinctly Wes Anderson feel to it. Everything in the videos is crafted to mimic their feel without being the same every time. Credit goes out to the video directors, but this band has a style they wear on them whether on video or not.

For me, in the end I keep thinking about pirates. They sound like pirate music to me. Hey, not bad.

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The Famous Disguise

It’s not often that crazy people put their videos on the internet..

Wait… hold on… let me start again.

Crazy people put their videos on the Internet all the time. It’s a symbol of our age. But it’s even better when someone else interviews a crazy person, then it goes on the Internet. It’s like news media wants us to just be MORE skeptical of our modern society and culture.

In the upcoming video, 16-year-old Australian kid gets busted for an epic and destructive party. You’d think he was wearing the costume to hide, but apparently its because it makes him famous. Take a look for yourself and be sure to watch until the end.

For the record, I can’t stop laughing. Guess I won’t laugh as hard when I have kids.

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