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Uglycon 2007 Is Bringing The Costume World Something Adorably Ugly

Uglycon Promo Image 

Uglydolls are just that, ugly. But their ugliness is adorable enough to create a phenomenon that is worth notice. Not too much unlike the Beanie Babies craze, the popularity springs from their creative, unique look and their individual personalities.

Fans of the Uglydolls line of toys are in luck for the second time as the Uglycon takes place in San Francisco during the month of December. The con is hosted at the Giant Robot store, and theres all kind of fun things going on. Some collectors have made it for autographs from the Uglydolls founder and creator, David Horvath. The lucky ones have been able to snatch up exclusive new dolls that were produced in limited supply.

For us here at MyDisguises, we kept our eyes on the costumes. We haven’t been up to SF for the con this year. We’ll be in LA this holiday season, so we missed the LA event by a year. Maybe if the stars align, we’ll find a way to get out there before the end of the con. In the meantime, here’s a taste of the clever costumes people made for the event. I don’t know if this counts as cosplay. Meh, it doesn’t matter, it’s a costume!

If you want to find out more about Uglydolls, check out their website. Horvath also has his own personal blog. The event goes until the earlier part of next year, so there should be plenty of time to check things out before the season is through.

Peaco Uglydoll Costume from Uglycon

[picture via]

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Big Daddy Meets Ken Levine, Stardom, and Ebay

Big Daddy Ken Levine

Bioshock’s Big Daddy is a phenomenon in these days of digital entertainment. The video game title has scraped up massive awards and recognition since it hit Xbox 360 consoles and PCs this year. The immediate attention has led to a large established fandom that is going strong. How large?

Well, two creative artists took the time to construct a very authentic life size Big Daddy costume and got it out on the Internet. The costume got the buzz it was entitled to in short order. Not to mention the fact that 2k studios invited the Big Daddy costume to be at the Spike Video Game Awards show as they reaped in some healthy recognition for their game.

To further the hype, the artist posted the auction on ebay, which is still running. There are 7 days left on the auction and it already has over 16,000 views. It’s an expensive costume, but hardly enough for the amount of work that went into it.

We don’t know much more about it, but did want to link the massive set of photos created for the “making of” album on this costume. Hop over and check out some of the work done on this huge achievement.

Flickr photo set here.

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79 Days, Reasons, and Events Made for Costumes

I should have a sign on my door. You know, the kind with the top corners frayed because a string has been fastened there to hang on a nail. Written in sharpie, it says…

“On a mission… be back later”

In the never-ending journey to help the world feel better about slipping into costumes more frequently, I’ve come up with a list of days, events, and reasons to get dressed up. Consult here often, as you’ll find that once or twice a year is hardly sufficient for such a fun hobby…

  1. the great halloween – obvious!
  2. cocktail/mocktail party – dashing!
  3. harry potter movie release – mass geekery!
  4. sneaking into an event – potentially illegal!
  5. starring in a play – prestigious!
  6. starring in a feature film – you’re rich!
  7. marching in a parade – tiring!
  8. murder mystery dinner – twas the butler!
  9. goin’ to a rodeo – howdy partnur!
  10. independence day – freedom to dress up!
  11. cosplay convention – viva japan!
  12. guitar hero party – tight leather pants!
  13. tron fan festival – binary solo!
  14. going on let’s make a deal – door # 2, monty!
  15. playing a prank – goose!
  16. renaissance faire – anon!
  17. shakespeare festival – thus anon!
  18. scaring away a yeti -boo! /run
  19. guy fawkes night – remember, remember!
  20. going 80’s dancing – tubular!
  21. world of warcraft fan festival – for the horde!
  22. traditional zulu dance show – sawubona baba!
  23. new years eve – call dick clark!
  24. ninja vs. pirates party – shiver me katanas!
  25. appear on local t.v. – wayne’s world!
  26. super bowl party – da bears!
  27. historical figure party – four score and seven beers ago!
  28. political convention – no new taxes!
  29. rock n’ roll concert – i’m with the band!
  30. school dance – be a chaperone!
  31. old fashioned dance in a rest home -old timer’s rag!
  32. visiting a children’s hospital – precious!
  33. cinco de mayo – who invited chupacabra!?
  34. second life meet and greet – who are you really?!
  35. carnival – Viva Brasília!!
  36. thanksgiving turkey bowl – with real turkeys!
  37. music video remake for youtube – ain’t nothin’ but a heartache!
  38. chinese new year – year of the dragon!?
  39. otaku get together – 遊びたいと思うか。!
  40. american gladiators party – no tights please!
  41. valentine’s hit and run – guess who’s cupid!?
  42. paintball match – master chief!
  43. secret agent party – bond, james bond!
  44. oktoberfest – das ist mein bier!
  45. night out at the opera – fat lady singing tonight!
  46. pre-halloween trunk or treat – twice is better!
  47. aviation month – be a jetfighter!
  48. christmas eve – matching christmas pajamas!
  49. astronaut’s wives club – you haven’t joined!?
  50. return to grade school party – pull out those no fear t-shirts!
  51. square dance bonanza – bless your beautiful hide!
  52. comic con – listman to the rescue!
  53. world peace day – hippies unite!
  54. canada day – where’s my tuque, eh!?
  55. eskimo appreciation festival – start one today!
  56. desert luau – you have no other excuses to wear a grass skirt!
  57. urban track and field photo shoot – hurdling fire hydrants in short shorts!
  58. xbox 360 fifa soccer ’08 world cup tourney – who invited zidane!?
  59. sweater vest fest – they’re real! i’ve been!
  60. ugly christmas sweater contest – not yet been, but i’m prepared!
  61. french rococo ball – napoleon said so!
  62. mountaineer games – flannels will never die!
  63. “me and my companion cube” dance – the cake is not real!
  64. lord of the rings fashion show – hobbits: no shoes required!
  65. costume scavenger hunt – nonsense rules!
  66. civil war battle reenactment – just because you’re not 5o yrs old…!
  67. you are what you eat party – i’ll be the pizza!
  68. diwali – namaste!
  69. become a crossing guard – cross dressing!
  70. be a mascot – jump through the fiery hoop!
  71. protest – get your message across in style!
  72. become an internet legend – you were actually going to show your face!?
  73. filling in for dog, bounty hunter – business in the front, bounty huntin’ in the back!
  74. doing the 300 workout – this is almost sparta!
  75. d.i.y. fanatic – looks just like a real severed head!
  76. remaking your favorite t.v. show – will smith, eat your heart out!
  77. fraternity initiation – pledge freshman!
  78. school presentation – watch your robe, socrates!
  79. gorilla ski team – no bananas on the slopes!

Feeling clever? Got better ideas?

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Homebrewed! – Transformers D.I.Y. Worth Every Baby Step

I feel somewhat negatively guilty for finding these web gems and slapping them up like a 1st grade ‘star of the week’ presentation. Really, I swear I’m not regurgitating information. However, seeing as how we have costume enthusiasts coming here, I couldn’t resist.

In the past, we’ve managed to post a thing or two about Transformers D.I.Y. costumes. We do so without regret, since the phenomenon seems to grow. Furthermore, one who pulls of an accurate and effective Transformers costume should get all the attention in the world. Auto blog Jalopnik posted this and then attracted the Digg community like teenagers on a Hannah Montana free tickets tree.


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Best Santa Record You Didn’t Know Was Set…

Derry Santas

As there is inevitably a record for everything in the Guiness book of World Records, you probably really never saw this one coming. It’s the record for the most Santa’s gathered in one place at one time. *Gasp* “There’s more than one Santa?”, you’re probably asking yourself. Well, I don’t want to call them imposters. I’ve never felt good about questioning the mystery of tradition.

That’s right, over 13,ooo people dressed as Santa gathered along the walls of Londonderry to break a record and support various charities.

The story hit papers all over the U.K. and with good reason. According to the Belfast Telegraph, the weather wasn’t prime but “he atmosphere was jubilant as thousands of people arrived at the Guildhall Square to claim the world record for having the most Santas in one place at one time.” It’s just what the world needs as we prepare for this widely celebrated holiday. also reports:

It took over an hour for the procession of rosy-cheeked and bearded Santas to walk along the walls after gathering in the city’s Guildhall and passing through Magazine Gate this morning. SDLP leader and Foyle MLA Mark Durkan was among those who took part.Money was raised for Foyle Hospice, ICARE charity for children with autism, McMillan Cancer Support and Children in the Crossfire.

While I couldn’t find the details on the previous record exactly, I did find some videos of various other Santa record attempts. Old St. Nick should be proud of his legacy.

Most Santas on Motor Bikes:

6,000 person Santa Dash:

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Homebrewed! – Andrew Valentino’s Halo Elite

Halo Arbiter Costume

If you can go back to the insane obsessive time when Halo 3 released, you may remember the story of Andrew Valentino. The kid made up his own Master Chief outfit and stood in line for a copy of the freshly released digital drug. Another Halo fan was so pumped at his dedication, he outright bought the endeavoring young Chief a shiny, dust-free Xbox 360. Well, this time Andrew is back, and he’s not doing it for free stuff.

The D.I.Y. this time is an 8 1/2 foot Halo Arbiter costume made entirely of cardboard and duct tape. It’s pretty impressive, considering he’s  not necessarily working with the budget of places like Nightmare Armor. Needless to say, it’s the true spirit of being a fan and doing your own cosplay from scratch. Great work!

[found via Albotas]

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Lucy in Disguise – A Store with Costumes for All Seasons

What’s in a culture that makes people want to dress up? Clearly, the Japanese have made it happen.

A blog called “Austin Texas Daily Photo” just posted up a picture of a store called “Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds” (wow, so it is just a clever name) and talked about the culture surrounding it. According to the writer, costumes are more than a seasonal affair in the culturally rich town. What a lucky town. Makes me wonder how many of these types of stores are floating around.

Sure, it’s arguable that the more culture, the more unique the traditions. It makes me wonder why my family never tried to merge our hobbies with costumes. Well, except for the time we were forced to dress up in bear costumes and take a family photo. Wow, that was bad.

Lucy in Disguise

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Retrofit In The Ring – Waldo vs. The Noid

Let’s hail back to a better time. A time when T.V. was about moral messages, McDonald’s was king, and Eddie Murphy was a factory of hilarity. You know it well. It’s the eighties.

I guess my memories of the eighties are youthful ones, so I may be biased in this segment. We’re going to take 2 iconic 80’s characters and pit them against one another in an all out brutal battle of the costumes. Think to yourself, “what would I wear?”

Contestant #1 – Waldo

For someone who sticks out like a sore thumb, it’s ironic we were always looking for him. He had a knack for unintentionally getting lost in massive crowds. If you were neurotic enough to try these books, you loved him. Other’s who failed to find the fun in Waldo knew him as mental pain. Either way, you know who he is.

Waldo - The Legend

Contestant #2 – The Noid

It’s funny how many people forget the Noid. When you buy a pizza, it comes with that little plastic piece that keeps the top of the box from touching the pizza. Yeah, some marketer from Domino’s Pizza decided it was called the Noid, gave him a personality, and put some weird red tights on his head to simulate massive weird alien ears.

The Noid



All things considered, it’s time to get down to the core of these costumes. In an epic face off, who comes out on top? We’ll try to get votes and see what the community thinks. Voting can be based on any criteria, but just be sure to put your reasons down in your comment. The gloves come off!

Noid in Costume The Noid Tries His Hand At Nintendo Great Waldo Costume

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