Costumes to Look Out For In ’08

Before we do our final review of ’07 and talk about the articles that had us going, we’d like to take a quick look at things to come to pass…

(begin dream sequence)

’08 promises to be exciting in the world of pop culture, and we’ll be right on top of it. Here are the highlights so far as we can tell…

Batman: The Dark Knight – Too long have we waited for a sequel to the new series of Batman movies. Even longer have we waited for a legitimately creepy version of The Joker. I’m sure this will be inspiration for many a costume on the upcoming year. It goes to show that a little makeup done the right way can go quite far…

The Joker

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Also coming from Hollywood is another movie in the Indiana Jones series. We don’t know much about the characters, what they’ll look like, and what to expect. Do we expect that Indy can bring out cosplayers and fanatics like Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker? Seeing as the pastime has become more commonplace, we’re betting our money on it.

Going Presidential – We’ve all see presidential costumes and masks. Whether hosting a politics themed party or having need to wear that blue donkey costume you’ve got stored from a college democrats gathering, it will be the only time in the next for years as ripe for such a costume. Hey, this year ladies can play as well.

Olympic Beijing Bling and the Chinese Culture – China is a huge economic hot spot, still somewhat of a cultural mystery, and the home of the 2008 Olympics. If this isn’t an excuse to put some money down for a flight and go catch some Chinese culture, I don’t really know what else is. China is rich with traditional wear and smaller villages that keep these traditions on a daily basis.

World Cosplay Summit Contenders – Along the lines of Asian influence, we have the World Cosplay Summit going on this year. Maybe for the more serious costumer, this growing event is fast becoming the standard to look for the best cosplay in the world.

The New Star Trek Film and its Legion of Trekkies – Another movie release that will inspire costumes, parties, and fanatacism. Maybe a revamp to the classic Klingon dress up? Hmm.. it could be time.

World of Warcraft Expansion DevoteesWe only put this one for 2 distinct reasons… 1) more than 2 million people play World of Warcraft and 2) the costume competition from last year’s Blizzcon event was a huge success. I’m sure that once Wrath of the Lich King comes out, we’ll have all kinds of clever outfits at our disposal.

Warcraft Costumes

Comic Con ’08 FansComic book lovers are bringing their families and spreading the love. Expect appearances from celebrities, major comic book icons, and about 8 jillion superhero tights clad nuts to litter the corridors of the San Diego Convention Center.

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