Christmas is Gone And We’re Not Looking Back…

The holidays aren’t quite behind us… Now’s as good a time as ever to celebrate. At this point, we should all be setting new goals, planning parties, and puckering up for some New Year’s kisses. It’s without regret that we leave 2007 despite all the great things that have happened.

So then what? With only a few days away, what are the big plans for New Year’s?

As always, we have to admonish the readers to take it a step beyond and get dressed up in something fun. Here are some ideas…

  • Go wild – If you’re attending a large bash, you’ll find all kinds of fun stuff to wear. Hats, glasses, wigs, jewlery and whatever other kitschy junk you can get your hands on. Solicit kisses as payment for hats and pins that you give away… get something in return.
  • Something cultural – Every country celebrates the New Year differently, and surely you can find all kinds of information on the Internet. One of the best parties I ever attended was a Cinco de Mayo bash that was injected with more fake Mexican culture than could fit in a pinata of Donald Trump’s ego.
  • Theme party – If you’re hosting a bash this year, commit the guests to join in the costume fun. Have a themed party and offer themed food, games, and a themed countdown. It will be well worth it.

We get out what we put in. Take some of these suggestions for a test run. Let us know what happens!

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