MyDisguises Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Continuing along the theme of the Holidays, we’re going to help you out with a bit of your last minute shopping. Yes, that’s right. If you have a costume lover in your family or circle of friends, it can be hard to find the right gift for them. You don’t want to get them something they’ll never use. Most people really like to think hard about the costumes they’re going to wear. Since we do this all the time, we figure we can help you out.

Gifts for the Cosplayer

Cosplayers like to think out and make their own costumes, so you probably won’t want to get them any costume pieces. Here are some things they will like:

  • Tickets to an upcoming con – Anime, gaming, comic, and cosplay conventions are going on just about all year long. The bigger ones cost more for a spot, but if you really want to impress get them a ticket. You can either find out what cosplay they’re currently working on and see if there’s a con that will be fitting for that particular cosplay. If you know they’ll love the chance to go to any show, check out this list of cosplay cons that happen all year long.
  • Gift Certificate from Cosworx – Cosworx is an online shop specializing in cosplay accessories that may be hard to find elsewhere. You can pick up a gift certificate online and let them do their own shopping.
  • Resupply their materials – True cosplayers are likely to need all the right gear. Maybe their sewing machine is old and rusty. Maybe they just need a restock of gear. Either way, help make sure they have all the tools necessary to execute.

Gifts for the D.I.Y. Costume Builder

These friends aren’t too different from the cosplayer, but there are still some unique ideas you can offer them.

  • Subscription to Make and Craft Magazine – Make and Craft Magazines, as far as we’re concerned, are the premier resources for the Do-It-Yourself junkie. Whether you get them the magazines for fun or for inspiration, they’ll love it. Even some of us who don’t DIY get a kick out of reading these.
  • Tools, tools, tools – A true DIY’er needs tools. I don’t mean just hammers and wrenches, although those could be necessary for some projects. They needs all kinds of art and building tools. Scissors, staplers, clamps, clips, paints, stuffings, etc. The list goes on and on.
  • A space to show off – Like cosplayers go to conventions, DIY’ers use the Internet to show their work. If they’re serious about what they do, help them get a blog up and running. They may need some money for a domain or hosting. See what you can do to help them get their work out there and noticed.

Gifts for the Costume Collector

This is a harder crowd to please. It’s hard to know just what you can do for this enthusiast without breaking bank. Here are a few of our ideas:

  • A trip to a museum of choice – If they’re into historical costumes and fashion, take them to the Met’s Costume Institute. Are they and Elvis fan? Stop by Graceland if you’re in the south or Vegas if you’re in the west. Comic book fan? Try getting tickets to the next Comic Con. If you’re creative, that special costume freak of yours will get one the best gifts they’ve ever had.
  • The Costume Collector’s Companion 1890-1990 – This book is ideal for anyone who likes to collect old outfits and costumes. Rosemary Hawthorne, also known as the “Knicker Lady” even does her own shows tracing the history of underwear. The book is funny and helpful to anyone who loves collecting costumes. Pick it up!

Gifts for the Movie/Comic Book Costume Nut

I threw these three in together for good reason. A lot of the items these collectors want cross boundaries. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Something special from PremierProps – sells actual movie props from the sets they were used on. These can be a costly spend, but if it’s for a special someone, then you’ll find it worth the money. The items come and go, so be quick if you find something just right!
  • Classic Batman: The Dark Knight Comic Book – The new Batman movie with Heath Ledger as the Joker is still a few months off, but a comic lover already has it in his/her sights. If they’re that big of a fan, they’ll probably cosplay for the opening. Get them pumped up with some authentic gear.

Christmas is almost here so hopefully our suggestions may help you come up with something at the last minute!

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