CARSAUC Tribute To Ugly Christmas Sweaters
December 18, 2007 carsauc

Christmas Sweaters Galore

Who’s really responsible for these? I mean, isn’t it fairly universally understood that these things are pure ugly?

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Some of us shriek while other’s don the holiday eyesores in jest. But we can’t be fooled by those who wear these with purpose. Holiday Christmas party is coming up, someone gives you a bit too much eggnog… before you know it your bust will be a canvas for an embroidered mess of holiday puke. It doesn’t matter if you’re a third grade teacher, an office secretary, or a middle manager at a local paper company, it’s just too painful for the rest of us.

So for our periodic CARSAUC (Coalition for the Appreciation of Random, Strange, Awful, or Ugly Costumes) we  thought we’d pay tribute to the beautifully nasty Christmas sweater… may it pollute our closets again for another year.

 Grandma Christmas Sweaters  Dog Christmas Sweater  Way Ugly Christmas Sweater 

The Uuugliness!!

Other Members of The Family Of Christmas Sweater Grossness

Christmas Socks – Can be cool, if executed properly. Most often executed terribly. Take caution.

Christmas Socks

Christmas Hat – Also has coolness potential, but take care to never couple with the sweater. Never mistakenly wear a Santa hat unless… a) you are Santa himself, b) you’re at a party and it you acquired it there, c) your boss at work is making everyone wear one for the festivities.

Ugly Christmas Hat

 Cousin to the Ugly Christmas Sweater, The Sweater Vest – Unless you are Chandler from Friends, you should proabably be over this. Mate the ugliness of the Sweater Vest with the Sweater, and you have become the mad doctor of ugliness.

Sweater Vest Ugliness

If you wear an ugly Christmas Sweater this year, take care to make sure everyone knows you’re joking. Me? I’ll be finding one today and sporting it for the holidays without a doubt!

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