At The Secret IMDB Club, You Only Get Robotech Info For Your Hard Earned Greenbacks

Judging by how many cosplayers visit the site, as well as how many hits we have had for our Tobey Maguire potentially starring in Robotech article, it seemed like a worthy endeavor to pursue finding out more information. Unfortunately, IMDB thinks you’re only worthy of that info if you pay for it.


Hmph, who said the Internets were free. For what it’s worth IMDB, you’re a good site. I’m willing to bet that there’s not much behind that veil, since anything significant usually is spread out like a prom night rumor. I wouldn’t mess with the Robotech fan scene, if I was you.

They act like 2010 is a few years away or something.

IMDB – 1, MyDisguises – 0

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