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Costume Institute

For those who are into the more sophisticated history of costumes, the Met is the place to be. With more than 30,000 costumes from all over the world, it’s a respectable collection for any costumer. Although, in many ways the costumes are focused on style and fashion, there is also a vast and extensive historical collection of costumes from 5 different continents and numerous cultures. If you love all things costume, it’s really a must see destination.

That being said, here’s something of note. The Met Costume Institute will be hosting a new tour called “The Art of Dress”. This comes via the Costume Institute website:


“The Art of Dress” is a new cross-cultural guided tour that focuses on the way artists have used clothing to express identity and influence from the 6th century B.C. through the 20th century.
This new tour is offered between special exhibitions, when the Costume Institute is closed. This innovative guided tour offers insights into the landmarks of costume history and examines the different materials used throughout the ages. Featuring clothing represented in stone, wood, and paint, the tour covers trends and developments from all over the world starting in ancient Greece and continuing through the 20th century.

It’s sure to be a remarkable display of the pedigree of fashion and costumes. Not quite in the sense that we think of when we hear the word, but all the more worthy of the inevitable attention the tour is sure to gain. We hope to look into this more, as we can’t foresee getting out to New York any time soon. If luck blows our way, we’ll surely cover as much as possible.

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