World Cosplay Summit ’08 Primer

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It’s been awhile since we’ve said anything about Cosplay. Meh, the lines are blurry, right? Either way, we want to get some cosplay goodness out to you. It’s time we start keeping an eye on the World Cosplay Summit for ’08. That way we can get a head start on all the action.

For those of you who don’t know, World Cosplay Summit takes place in Japan and is the cosplay event. It’s more than a convention, it’s a landmark moment for any serious cosplayer. As the originators of cosplay, the Japanese know how to put these events on right.

Vital stats? Here you go.

Event Time: Summer next year.

Location: Nagoya Aichi Japan

This is actually only the 6th annual summit to ever be held, so there’s something to be said for the popularity.

As the event is far off, there’s not much more to say than that. There looks to be around 14 countries already participating, and that includes the U.S. Each country sends a team of 2 to represent them and compete in cosplay contests. The event is huge, with the summit of ’07 already boasting around ten thousand spectators for only their fourth year. As the buzz around the World Cosplay Summit grows, so does the media attention.

Last year’s summit, the biggest ever in participation and attendance, brought some unbelievable competition with some of the best cosplay ever seen. France’s Damian Ratte and Isabelle Jeudy took home the prize portraying Tsugiri and Myōbi from Alichino.

In recent news, the New York Anime Festival has made a key partnership with the Summit in efforts to proliferate the importance of Anime culture even further across the globe. According to the Anime News Network:

Festival organizers note that the partnership will provide NYAF with the opportunity to stage the World Cosplay Summit’s Official USA Preliminary Round. The winners of the convention’s Masquerade will receive a free trip to Japan to represent the USA in the World Cosplay Summit Finals in Summer 2008. The New York Anime Festival is the only American anime convention approved to be part of the World Cosplay Summit.

The World Cosplay Summit joins existing Masquerade sponsor, Anime Insider Magazine, which will feature a photo spread of the Masquerade’s winners in an upcoming issue and also award the winners a complimentary year subscription to the publication.

If you’re not a resident of Japan and you plan on heading to the World Cosplay Summit this year, sit tight for more news as the year unfolds. We’ll be tracking this huge event as the info hits our inboxes so we can have you prepped and ready. Until then, hit up the World Cosplay Summit website for more details on the preliminary round qualifications and outcomes.

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  1. Vicky says:

    Hey, I like the idea of your site. And there’s a lot of stuff about Japan and cosplay. I saw your reminder about WCS (I might be going!) and thought you might want to warm up with an online competition by Tokyo publisher DHP. Here’s the link:

    Hope you have a great Summit!!


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