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Computers in Disguise – Case Mods that Burn Your Eyes With Radness

Since this site has been up, my eyes have been open more and more each day to costumes of all sorts. As I lay here on the floor of the library where I’m typing this post, I just noticed something as I was checking my email. I got a notice for the new Alienware laptop coming out and figured out that these computers are in a sleek costume. Masked with shiny black armor and an ominous alien head on top, they take on a persona much different than your typical lappy.

So I thought, what better way to celebrate Halloween than to show some of the best computer costumes out there on the internet. More popularly known as “case mods” these are basically computers that have been injected into a much more attractive home. Price, expensive. Time investment, too much. Radness factor, meter breaking.

Shinto Mod

Anyone ever see Meet the Parents? Remember the huge wooden alter thing that catches on fire? Yeah well I can only see this thing going up in massive flames. If it was my mod, and it was on fire, I’d load up all the programs I could at one time to see the beast go down in aesthetic glory.

Beaver Stuffed with PC

I thought this fit with the Halloween theme, mostly because this is absurdly creepy. I can only imagine the tutorial on how to make this one.. (step 1, kill beavers. Step 2, Cut beavers open…) Sorry animal rights :(.

Bender Case Mod

Ahh, Bender. Everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed robot. Feed him a disc, see what he spits out. This is a mod I would keep in a basement where society couldn’t see it.

Gameboy Mod

This mod will smack you in the face with awesomeness. How innovative. I’m sure it’s not running any killer apps, but how do you feel when you pull this out in front of your geek sheik entourage? Tetris anyone?

John Deere Gas Pump Mod

If’n it ain’t a tractor mod! Good for being tech-savvy -and- a farmboy all in one.

Digg Case Mod

I swear I didn’t post this one just to bait Diggers. In fact, I’m likely to get flamed because this is ‘old’ news. What else happens on Digg but people getting flamed anyway? Either way this mod his hot.

Sky-puter Case Mod

This mod is not so hot, in more ways than one. Sure to keep lower temparatures as long as it’s burning. I can see a computer freak putting this over his/her babies crib as a mobile.

Cheap Linux Case Mod

Cheap linux mod? Yes. College budget friendly, very yes.

Now that we see how computers are even dressed up for the festivities of Halloween, you surely have no excuse yourself to not dress up. Happy Halloween.

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Captain America is Back… With Shinier Spandex and A Pew Pew Pistol??

Captain America's New Look

The Intertubes unplugged themselves for me today as I found a bevy of information on the apparent “new Captain America” and his shiny new threads. For those NOT in the know, Captain America was killed off back in March. Now, this undefined new version of Captain America is coming back to host some more comic geek soap opera-esque action in a January 2008 issue of the comic.

Not unlikely and hardly unimaginable is the return of Captain America. And so these things go like a “vinegar-in-your-open-fleshwound” episode of Days of Our Lives, the cap’n shall return to the living. As nerds incessantly cast their votes as to who is taking this role as the new Captain, all pregnant chads accounted for, the only things that are truly comprehensible are the fancy new suit designed by artist Alex Ross, the fact that it’s tight, and he has a wee gun in his hand.

 A gun?! Indeed! “In talking to Alex, I immediately hit it off with him,” says Brubaker. “We were referencing the same eras of Captain America and I immediately saw that his initial design was referencing the ’40s movie serial costume design. That was kinda like, ‘Oh, this is totally cool.’ [Laughs] Before we even had the first conference call, [Alex] had sent over his initial ideas as a coming-off point and so we kind of circled around those and gave input, but Alex that had most of the vision there. My comments were sort of like, ‘Can we give him a gun?’ [Laughs]” (via

So what of this new evil-doer eradicating paragon? Well all we really know that he’s got a gat. According to these images, El Capitan will be bustin’ caps with a shiny new handgun. Political commentary? I won’t even go there.

So, before I pollute this post with my ideas as a moderate CA fan, I’ll just post the pics and let them do the talking. What do you think?

edit: Yeah, the Marvel site has a load of goodie information on the whole thing. Check it out and get the deets.

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The Cosplayer’s Life: Introduction

Last night I was trying to get my head into the cosplay thing more and more. The truth is I’m seeking a guest blogger with more experience and savoir-faire to be able to communicate on a deeper level with our cosplay fans.

The good news, I found one.

In light of this exciting news (at least for me), I’ll be reporting on a Cosplay Troupe in the coming weeks. We’ll be documenting and photographing (perhaps filming??) their experience. From idea conception, to creation, and then culminating in showing it off. It should basically be amazing.

As a sort of “reality show” format, we hope to let the cosplay stuff come out as a sort of “journal”. Our troupe will be documenting their work and generously giving us a look into the processes, stresses, and successes they find. Keep yourself glued to the site if you’re interested.

In the meantime, we invite anyone with some good Cosplay experience to offer ideas, suggestions, or experiences with us.

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Blog Action Day: A View From The Bottom

Blog Action Day Logo

What does “A View From The Bottom mean”? It means today we’re going to see things from the Earth’s point of view.

With as much grace and aptitude armed at my side, I have the charge of writing to you in an environmental matter. Today, readers, is Blog Action Day. Blogs across the Internet and entire world are leveraging the common voice to speak about the earth. While some of us are still very niche, and only appreciated by a small audience, others have become famous in their own rights. Blogs as they stand today, are very much the new media.

So in so many forms I took a pen to paper to scribble out innovative approaches to the topic while mingling with the underlying theme of MyDisguises. Yeah, it’s tough. However, I’m going to veer from a predictable approach and just say a few direct things on the matter.

First I want to pay homage to the community of readers here at MyDisguises. We have all kinds that come in to stop and peruse our archives of content. The common thread that runs through our demographic is creativity. We are all individuals looking for a way to see life differently. Our medium is costumes of all sorts. Our medium is the skin we wear outside of ourselves in order to experience things from different perspectives. With that, we have fun and communicate.

Second, I want to give a charge to all who see these pages. Take part in noticing the importance of our environment and what it provides us. Return those gifts by respecting our planet.  Ask yourselves how the things we do can be improved in every aspect to preserve the world. Lets try, in a collective manner, to stop taking more than we’re giving from time to time. Instant gratification will not always accompany our efforts, but we will see change so long as we’re willing to perpetuate it with small acts.

If I am candid with you, I would say that I wish I had greater and more specific suggestions on how to be environmentally aware with our subject matter. I don’t have anything revolutionary to say. However, I did think of a few good points that could potentially provide ideas for readers of the site. Here’s our contribution to Blog Action Day and our ideas for a greener experience in enjoying costumes.

  • This Halloween promote more natural treats that don’t produce great amounts of litter and trash. Our landfills are massive and recycling isn’t nearly as strong as it should be.
  • When creating your own costumes, be sure to use environmentally safe products. Although hairsprays, dyes, makeups, and other chemically based accessories might achieve some important looks there could be more clever ways to achieve the right look.
  • Used recycled items for your DIY projects. If you’re really hardcore, make a repository for such items that you can lend out to friends or family that want to join in similar projects.
  • Use your costume to promote environmental awareness. You don’t have to be terribly evangelical about it. Just help spread the message that we can respect the Earth.
  • This Halloween, don’t drive the kids around to Trick or Treat. Take them to a nice neighborhood that has houses close to one another. It’s more fun as well. Save on gas.

Answer the call that’s being set out across the blogosphere and live a bit more green this year.

As always, we call you out for great ideas and suggestions on how to promote green living for anyone involved in costumes. Leave your comments below.

Want to experience Blog Action Day?

World Changing
Green as a Thistle 
Healthy Halloween Treats
A few ideas for recycling old items for costumes

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Crack in the Vault – A Look Back

Since MyDisguises has begun, we’ve had content ranging a number of different topics. Of course we center our ideas on costumes, but it’s a broad subject. So naturally we’ve seen some interesting reactions to our posts. Here’s a quick look back at some of our more popular stuff…

/begin dream sequence…

Berries and Ice Cream

Our Top 10 Costumes for Washington To Wear this Halloween – As a way to offer suggestions, we come up with 10 of the best costume ideas for our pals in the White House, past, present, and future.

World Costumes In Pictures – Oktoberfest – Another look at famous costumes from around the world. This time we fill our mugs at Oktoberfest.

Google Fighting Our Costume Choices -In this post we sympathize with the non-decisive by offering a clever way to help pick the right costume for any occasion – Google Fighting.

The Ultimate Fan – Real Spartan Armor From Halo 3 – As a precursor to an upcoming interview with the Legendary Nightmare Armor Studios, we feature this video of some of the most authentic bits of fan costuming you’ll ever see. Covenant weapons not included.

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A little tip, from me to you.

I’m moderately obsessed with aesthetics. I also use Windows. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a smoother, more attractive experience. It means I just have to work harder for it.

Well, if you’re like me then hear here. If you see your fonts looking jagged and unsavory, there’s a way for Windows XP users to fix that. This is good because we choose to use a “pretty” font for the blog. In most cases, it’s just right. But if your computer isn’t set up to look nice, then it comes out a bit jagged. You know what I mean if you’re looking at it. Here’s how to fix it.

  • Go to your desktop and right click for a menu.
  • Find “Properties” and open it
  • Find the “Effects” button and click it.
  • There’s a box that’s marked as “Use the following method to smooth the edges of screen fonts”, check it.
  • Scroll down that small menu after you click it, and select “ClearType”.
  • Press “Ok” and then “Accept” in the previous window.

I know this is no tech blog by any means. But if you need to see MyDisguises the way it’s meant to look, then make sure you’re getting the smooth font experience. It will make the site really look great. I won’t charge for this one, but next time I may not give of my tips so freely! (/sarcasm)

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Lionhead Studios knows how to party. Oh yeah, they make games too.

When Peter Molyneux isn’t busy pumping up one of his new ideas to change the face of gaming, well he’s making games and partying. In the latest developer diary for the Fable 2 team, they show what it’s like to be in the costumes of the characters they create. Note: yeah, some of those characters aren’t their own, but who doesn’t wanna see someone in a Gordon Freeman suit, or a questionable Katamari Damacy getup?

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Halloween Countdown Volume 3 – Make Magazine Makes Halloween

As a new blog, we’re really trying to figure out just how dirty we can get our hands without costing us money that we don’t possess in masses to spend. Yeah, it’s the eternal party killer. As such, we do rely on informing our readers of great sources of information that are exactly what we should all be focusing on.

And, in the spirit of Halloween, we nod our heads at Make Magazine to take the stage. The mag is a virtual (literally) beacon to the geeky do-it-yourself types. They offer all kinds of kits, tools, and ideas on how to produce your own technology with simple items found laying around. I’m a fan and proud.

Make put out an issue of their increasingly popular magazine centered around this great holiday. It doesn’t hurt that Halloween is a haven for the “Do-It-Yourself” crowd enough as it is. It’s a given that the team at Make would jump all over the opportunity. The magazine houses brilliant costume concoctions, tech-filled instructions for haunted house scare tactics, and even awesome food ideas for the upcoming festivities. Yeah, it’s that good. Check out some of our graciously cut-and-pasted text from the contents of this year’s Halloween special issue of Make:

The Cylon Jack-o’-Lantern by Windell Oskay
Building the Larson Scanner with LEDs. Page 60

Stencil Carving by Wendy Frauenfelder
Design spooktacular effects for pumpkins. Page 63

Digital Jacks by Eric J. Wilhelm
Tips on taking spooky photos of your pumpkins. Page 64

Tomes of Terror by Mark Frauenfelder
Spooktastic DIY books. Page 65

Sweet Bleeding Heart by Barbara Jo
Bake a bloody thorax cake that oozes with every bite. Page 66

Meat Head by Andy Oakland
Craving some cranium? You’ve come to the right place. Page 69

Pumpkin Guts to Die For by Christy Canida
Roast your own pumpkin seeds. Page 70

Graveyard Cake by Shawn Connally
The trick is in the chilled chocolate trees. Page 71

Home Haunting Basics by William Gurstelle
The pros share their tips in the exciting field of people-scaring. Page 74

Trash Can Trauma by William Gurstelle
Scare the wits out of visitors with this pneumatic spook. Page 80

Ultimate Fog Chiller by Adam Tourkow
Build the chiller that won the 2004 HauntCon Chill-Off competition. Page 85

Mini Electric Chair by Jon Williams
How to electrocute the devilish Chucky doll of slasher movie fame. Page 86

Grave Situation by Cory Derenburger
Don’t resort to grave-robbing to add realistic tombstones to your haunted house. Make them from styrofoam. Page 90

So here’s the bottom line. If you feel like you’re wearing a creativity blindfold, or just need a boost of ideas to match your superhuman ambition for Halloween goodness, leave a lot of that work to Make. Hit the links for for the site, and a place to purchase the mag. Do it quick. Oh, and do yourself a favor and browse Make for awhile. You’ll find a lot of goodies for the DIY in you.

Make Magazine Halloween Edition


For the other volumes in our Series, click here

Halloween Countdown – Volume 1 – Haunted Floor Plans

Halloween Countdown – Volume 2 – Find Halloween Events With Eventful

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