A My Disguises Suggestion – Start Your Own Costume Vault

What’s old is always new. Growing up I was able to climb into the recesses of my attic and find all kind of costume goodies that were amassed by my family over the years. The best part was that my dad used to be in an improv company and had the wierdest things. I somehow managed to find some cheesy costumes that were big hits. Most of it was unwearable because I was always too small, but I sure found something every year to alter and be totally unique. Most of the items in our family costume box are impossible to find anywhere else, and therefore timeless.

So why not make a history of it. Halloween is a huge part of our culture and who we are. After you’ve taken the pumpkins out the to trash, eaten all the seeds you can handle, and took down the last of the decorations start your own costume vault. There’s more to it than just putting a bunch of junk into a case though. Here are a few ways to make your costume vault a classic.

  • As the night goes on, take lots of pictures. You can take these pictures and encase them in plastic protection. Once you’ve protected them, create a tag that can accompany the costume pieces. This will give anyone who will be using it in the future good ideas to start with when pulling the dusty costume out of the closets.
  • Hang your costumes. Some boxes are made for hanging clothes. Make sure you have the right kind and protect your costumes from getting ratty. It’s very little effort for mass protective abilities.
  • If you really wanna be organized, you can make a book of all your photos. Later on people can browse what you wore over the years, as well as anyone of your family members’ costumes. It’s a great way to prevent people from rummaging through everything recklessly next year.
  • Here’s a clever one. You wouldn’t believe how many people get rid of old costumes at the end of the holiday. If you know any of these people, ask them if you can keep them for them.

The great thing about a costume vault is someone will always go back to it for the classic stuff. As time goes on, you’ll find costumes that may have been popular but will be hard to find in the future. Soon, your timeless collection will be well known.

Good luck and happy vaulting!

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