Celebrate Halloween Under the Watchful Eye of Your Eye Doctor?

If Halloween costumes were like stocks, I’d buy into pirates and zombies. They always seem to deliver. But while I sit here and check my real world stocks I notice an article about costume safety. If you’re going to play a classic role this Halloween, you’re going to have to consult an eye doctor as to whether costume contacts are right for you. This comes via Seattle’s KOMOTV.

Here’s a tip for anyone who plans to add a little extra drama to that costume with a pair of cat-eye or colored contact lenses. Cosmetic contacts are fun, but you need to take them seriously.

According to the Federal Trade Commission you need a prescription to buy all contacts — even cosmetic ones. Businesses that sell them without requiring a prescription are violating the law.

So what’s the big deal? If contacts don’t fit right or are not used properly, they can cause a lot of problems — from pink eye to sores and scratches on your cornea, even blindness.

By the way, your eye care provider is required to give you a copy of your prescription, so you can shop around for your glasses or contacts. It’s federal law.

I thought that entirely appropriate to relay early on this morning. Personally, I can’t manage to put a single contact lens in without nearly losing an eye. I love my costumes, but not that much. Don’t say you weren’t ever warned though. Show your eyes you love them this Halloween.

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