A Beautiful Katamari Cosplay

The first time you watch Katamari Damacy being played, you tend to be confused and a bit surprised. I have yet to see someone clip the invisible strings that attach one’s eyes to the screen during gameplay however. Open up a mixed bag of strange humor, unconventional game themes, and about 8 billion doses of Japanese culture and you’ll be on the right track. Have a mental image yet? Nope, you probably don’t. It’s really not what you think it is. I’ll resort to YouTube to show you more of what Katamari Damacy games are like…

So that’s it. You’re the Prince of the Cosmos. You’re armed with a sticky ball called a Katamari. It has the power to roll things up. Excuse me, roll everything up. Provided that you’ve grown big enough you just keep rolling and rolling. Dogs, cats, baskets, families, Weight Watchers clinics, Casino tables, you name it it’s gonna get rolled. Why do I bring this up? In my usual A.D.D. web browsing habits in order to find some good content, I came across these (ride the link to the fill set of photos).

Katamari costumes 1

Katamari Costumes 2

These are hands down the best costumes from the game that I’ve ever seen. These particular cosplayers are dressed up as the Prince of the Cosmos and one of his faithful cousins. It’s too bad there’s no Katamari to go with it (oh, yeah that’s the big sticky ball that he pushes around to pick up the objects of the earth with, you follow). Anyway, I can’t quite explain it all, as there’s not much of an explanation. However I’ll dish up a feast of Katamari goodies for you to peer at so you can get a grip of what this strange Japanese phenomenon is.

More Katamari craziness…

King and Queen of the Cosmos

The flamboyant and witty King doing some sort of pilates with his wife. Is it any wonder after seeing this picture that people are puzzled by this game? What’s worse are his one-liners. Masterpiece I tell you.

Katamari Full of Stuff

The Katamari in action is a sight to behold. This particular of the bunch is allegedly cleaning up the streets of Paris in chaotic fashion.

Katamari Cosplay

Katamari cosplay is not to go unnoticed. It’s not as popular as your typical Star Wars con guests, but it’s worth a look for sure. Once again, no Katamari to be found here…

Clay Katamari

Ahh. there he is. The prince in his true size. He’s a micro guy and his ball isn’t that big either, yet. In the game players usually begin by rolling up tiny household objects. By the end of each level you’re lucky if you can see your insect-sized protagonist faithfully pushing his Katamari over the entire earth.

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  3. Jess says:

    I Freaking LOVE Katamari! It’s been one of my favorite games for years. I think that if everyone played it, they’d love it.

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