Morning Thoughts – If This Blog Could Fly

Sometimes I sit and ponder the optimal setup for this blog, and how it would take over the interwebs with coolness. I imagine a huge community of people giving of their time and effort to build the comments and posts here. I imagine galas and events being held in honor of costumes, sponsored by MyDisguises. I imagine shaking the president’s hand and getting a classic photo taken while I accept my medals of peacekeeping.

One day when the blog really takes off, I see MyDisguises becoming a household name. Like Pokemon, Britney Spears, The Office, or Google. People’s wardrobes would be half normal clothes and half costumes. It would be totally socially acceptable. In fact there would be an awards show every year like the Academy Awards, but it would be for costumes. On the night of that show, families would invite their extended members and cook a meal bigger than Thanksgiving. It would consist of 8 courses, and it would take all day long.

I, of course, wouldn’t take any wage for keeping a site like this up. I would do it for free but would be showered with gifts by people in gratitude that there was such a place to gather online. They would offer up whatever they could to keep me going. Oprah would have me on her show because she was inspired by me, and also because she is reviewing the book I wrote using all the great content out of the blog. I would then open up a school for costume artists in Malawi, Slovakia, French Guyana, and somewhere in rural Kansas. Due to the prestige of the schools, each of these previously overlooked areas of the world would recieve so much attention that they would become modern cultural hubs. I would be awarded honorary positions on the governments of each respective location, as well as quad-citizenship.

I know I have work to do if I want to reach this point, but now at least I have a vision.

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  3. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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