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A My Disguises Suggestion – Start Your Own Costume Vault

What’s old is always new. Growing up I was able to climb into the recesses of my attic and find all kind of costume goodies that were amassed by my family over the years. The best part was that my dad used to be in an improv company and had the wierdest things. I somehow managed to find some cheesy costumes that were big hits. Most of it was unwearable because I was always too small, but I sure found something every year to alter and be totally unique. Most of the items in our family costume box are impossible to find anywhere else, and therefore timeless.

So why not make a history of it. Halloween is a huge part of our culture and who we are. After you’ve taken the pumpkins out the to trash, eaten all the seeds you can handle, and took down the last of the decorations start your own costume vault. There’s more to it than just putting a bunch of junk into a case though. Here are a few ways to make your costume vault a classic.

  • As the night goes on, take lots of pictures. You can take these pictures and encase them in plastic protection. Once you’ve protected them, create a tag that can accompany the costume pieces. This will give anyone who will be using it in the future good ideas to start with when pulling the dusty costume out of the closets.
  • Hang your costumes. Some boxes are made for hanging clothes. Make sure you have the right kind and protect your costumes from getting ratty. It’s very little effort for mass protective abilities.
  • If you really wanna be organized, you can make a book of all your photos. Later on people can browse what you wore over the years, as well as anyone of your family members’ costumes. It’s a great way to prevent people from rummaging through everything recklessly next year.
  • Here’s a clever one. You wouldn’t believe how many people get rid of old costumes at the end of the holiday. If you know any of these people, ask them if you can keep them for them.

The great thing about a costume vault is someone will always go back to it for the classic stuff. As time goes on, you’ll find costumes that may have been popular but will be hard to find in the future. Soon, your timeless collection will be well known.

Good luck and happy vaulting!

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Oh man, it’s Halloween


Hmm.. scary.


I’ve been bombarded all week by close ones about my costume choice. I unfortunately had to answer, “I don’t know” for most of the inquiries. As the days creeped on, I found myself juggling around tons of ideas that I would thereafter quickly shut down. I’m a bit of a creative snob, and I have to find the “best” way to do something or I won’t do it at all.

At any rate, take care this Holiday. I’ll be keeping at it today to bring any good Halloween info I can to the blog and give all the enthusiasts something worthwhile to read. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to leave an idea in the comments section. Keep your page open today and hit the periodic “refresh” for whatever we manage to jet your way. I’m going to blog it up and am just hoping that I can flood the pages with something worthwhile.


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Celebrate Halloween Under the Watchful Eye of Your Eye Doctor?

If Halloween costumes were like stocks, I’d buy into pirates and zombies. They always seem to deliver. But while I sit here and check my real world stocks I notice an article about costume safety. If you’re going to play a classic role this Halloween, you’re going to have to consult an eye doctor as to whether costume contacts are right for you. This comes via Seattle’s KOMOTV.

Here’s a tip for anyone who plans to add a little extra drama to that costume with a pair of cat-eye or colored contact lenses. Cosmetic contacts are fun, but you need to take them seriously.

According to the Federal Trade Commission you need a prescription to buy all contacts — even cosmetic ones. Businesses that sell them without requiring a prescription are violating the law.

So what’s the big deal? If contacts don’t fit right or are not used properly, they can cause a lot of problems — from pink eye to sores and scratches on your cornea, even blindness.

By the way, your eye care provider is required to give you a copy of your prescription, so you can shop around for your glasses or contacts. It’s federal law.

I thought that entirely appropriate to relay early on this morning. Personally, I can’t manage to put a single contact lens in without nearly losing an eye. I love my costumes, but not that much. Don’t say you weren’t ever warned though. Show your eyes you love them this Halloween.


Rob Zombie Eats Horror For Breakfast, Halloween Still Sucks

Halloween Rob Zombie

Let it be written that Rob Zombie’s new Halloween movie is of less than satisfactory qualities. Wait, it’s already been written? Worse, it’s been hit by Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics didn’t favorably smile upon the horror remake. Will the freak flick join the leigions of bargain bin Halloween horrors? Probably. To be fair, critics are notorious for taking unyielding jabs at remake films in any way possible. But the outlook is more grim than a pre-teen in a Paris Hilton costume.

In an effort to be fair to the crowd, I hit up “Ain’t it Cool News” for a legit review. Not legit because these guys are in any way experts at what they do, but because they are likely the target audience for this type of entertainment. Word on the street, and I quote:

ROB ZOMBIE’S JOHN CARPENTER’S HALLOWEEN is creatively bankrupt from the start. It is a fairly awful, leaden film, regardless of whether it’s a remake or a sequel or an original. It’s got huge structural problems, and there are stretches of the film that play like self-parody by Zombie, a real problem considering he’s only three movies into his career. When you start falling into bad habits that turn even your most serious scenes funny this early in a filmography, you could end up making hollow echoes of your work, trapped and unhappy as an artist. I think Zombie’s already in danger of that, and there’s a fine line between having a style that is your signature and being straightjacketed into a style that is an empty pose and nothing more.

What has become apparent over the course of his three films is that Rob Zombie prefers his monsters to his people. He is what is commonly known as a “monster kid.” I’ve met many of this in this industry… guys who grew up totally crazy about the monsters. I’ll bet you Rob Zombie had a subscription to Forry Ackerman’s FAMOUS MONSTERS at some point. I’ll bet you he had all those Aurora monster model kits, lovingly detailed. I know a lot of guys who grew up the same way, and some of them (like Daniel Roebuck) even appear in Zombie’s HALLOWEEN. When he talks about horror, he says all the right things. I don’t think he’s just pretending to like the genre… I just think that Rob’s particular fetishes cloud his judgment as a storyteller, and in this case, it works against the film.c

I’m not terribly taken by the horror genre, but I feel inclined to see this one for the costumes. Since horror flicks boast some of the most creative and unique costumes, it’s a given that this could really be an innovative title. In the end it sounds like I may have to go with low expectations.

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A Beautiful Katamari Cosplay

The first time you watch Katamari Damacy being played, you tend to be confused and a bit surprised. I have yet to see someone clip the invisible strings that attach one’s eyes to the screen during gameplay however. Open up a mixed bag of strange humor, unconventional game themes, and about 8 billion doses of Japanese culture and you’ll be on the right track. Have a mental image yet? Nope, you probably don’t. It’s really not what you think it is. I’ll resort to YouTube to show you more of what Katamari Damacy games are like…

So that’s it. You’re the Prince of the Cosmos. You’re armed with a sticky ball called a Katamari. It has the power to roll things up. Excuse me, roll everything up. Provided that you’ve grown big enough you just keep rolling and rolling. Dogs, cats, baskets, families, Weight Watchers clinics, Casino tables, you name it it’s gonna get rolled. Why do I bring this up? In my usual A.D.D. web browsing habits in order to find some good content, I came across these (ride the link to the fill set of photos).

Katamari costumes 1

Katamari Costumes 2

These are hands down the best costumes from the game that I’ve ever seen. These particular cosplayers are dressed up as the Prince of the Cosmos and one of his faithful cousins. It’s too bad there’s no Katamari to go with it (oh, yeah that’s the big sticky ball that he pushes around to pick up the objects of the earth with, you follow). Anyway, I can’t quite explain it all, as there’s not much of an explanation. However I’ll dish up a feast of Katamari goodies for you to peer at so you can get a grip of what this strange Japanese phenomenon is.

More Katamari craziness…

King and Queen of the Cosmos

The flamboyant and witty King doing some sort of pilates with his wife. Is it any wonder after seeing this picture that people are puzzled by this game? What’s worse are his one-liners. Masterpiece I tell you.

Katamari Full of Stuff

The Katamari in action is a sight to behold. This particular of the bunch is allegedly cleaning up the streets of Paris in chaotic fashion.

Katamari Cosplay

Katamari cosplay is not to go unnoticed. It’s not as popular as your typical Star Wars con guests, but it’s worth a look for sure. Once again, no Katamari to be found here…

Clay Katamari

Ahh. there he is. The prince in his true size. He’s a micro guy and his ball isn’t that big either, yet. In the game players usually begin by rolling up tiny household objects. By the end of each level you’re lucky if you can see your insect-sized protagonist faithfully pushing his Katamari over the entire earth.


A Heartfelt Condolence

In light of the fires that are destroying homes in Los Angeles and San Diego, we offer our most sincere condolences for those who will have no home to celebrate this Halloween. We hope that everyone will be able to work out their problems in regards to this awful tragedy and find somewhere to celebrate in the festivities to come.

[via Fox News]

Halloween Ravaged

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Morning Thoughts – If This Blog Could Fly

Sometimes I sit and ponder the optimal setup for this blog, and how it would take over the interwebs with coolness. I imagine a huge community of people giving of their time and effort to build the comments and posts here. I imagine galas and events being held in honor of costumes, sponsored by MyDisguises. I imagine shaking the president’s hand and getting a classic photo taken while I accept my medals of peacekeeping.

One day when the blog really takes off, I see MyDisguises becoming a household name. Like Pokemon, Britney Spears, The Office, or Google. People’s wardrobes would be half normal clothes and half costumes. It would be totally socially acceptable. In fact there would be an awards show every year like the Academy Awards, but it would be for costumes. On the night of that show, families would invite their extended members and cook a meal bigger than Thanksgiving. It would consist of 8 courses, and it would take all day long.

I, of course, wouldn’t take any wage for keeping a site like this up. I would do it for free but would be showered with gifts by people in gratitude that there was such a place to gather online. They would offer up whatever they could to keep me going. Oprah would have me on her show because she was inspired by me, and also because she is reviewing the book I wrote using all the great content out of the blog. I would then open up a school for costume artists in Malawi, Slovakia, French Guyana, and somewhere in rural Kansas. Due to the prestige of the schools, each of these previously overlooked areas of the world would recieve so much attention that they would become modern cultural hubs. I would be awarded honorary positions on the governments of each respective location, as well as quad-citizenship.

I know I have work to do if I want to reach this point, but now at least I have a vision.


Second Life Competitor, VastPark, Releases Beta Creation Tools to the World

Today, October 19th, marks the first beta release of VastPark‘s new virtual world. Not a full release though, people who signed up for it will get access to their 3D modeling systems used to create the in-world objects.

VastPark so far looks to be the only real competitor to Second Life in terms of similar features that have been upgraded. They’re also communicating to businesses and organizations from the get-go, so you can be sure that they hope to develop a robust user generated economy. We have yet to see much as to what the client will look like, as the browser has yet to be released. There’s also speculation as to whether VastPark will run even a bit smoother than Second Life. If it does, Linden Labs sure has a handful of work to do.

So far, the beta of the creation tool is available to those who signed up early. As such I downloaded my client today and will be tinkering with it. However if you truly need to scratch the virtual creation itch you won’t have to wait long, as they will issue invites once the signed up individuals have been served.

Hop in and let us know what you think of these tools? Goodbye prims and third party 3D software? Hello, VastPark

Sky in Vastpark

Rendering like nothing that’s been seen before.Virtual World can typically have a hard time offering lifelike imagery with real performance and open creation tools. Even Playstation’s Home has limits with creation.

 House in Vastpark

A look inside of a house in VastPark.

(images via VastPark website)

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