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Google Fighting our Costume Choices

 We’ve thought about ways to help you make the decision of what costumes to wear for this Halloween. Has it been bugging you? Do you have a few ideas already in your head but need to narrow it down?


Well, leave it to Google Fight. Google is everywhere, and many people look to them for guidance. Haven’t you seen the Church of Google? We used Google Fight to pit one idea versus another. In their infinite, unparalelled, scientific wisdom, Google is helping us choose between ideas we have popping around in our heads.

Fight 1. Spiderman vs. Batman

In a raw fight between the terms Spiderman vs. Batman, Batman wins by a long shot. We reran the fight using the terms “Spiderman Costume” and “Batman Costume. The victory wasn’t so overwhelming, but Batman came out on top. But we couldn’t stop there. Here are some variations on the Spiderman vs. Batman theme just to be thorough.

The Female Preference – Girls actually love Spiderman more than Batman

The Comfort Factor – Hard to be a hero in a suit that’s too tight


Fight 2. Pirate vs. Ninja

The eternal debate! You’re on the edge of your seat. You don’t quite know how to tip your scales… well the results are in. I was a bit shocked myself. What if you like a little emotion in your piracy or ninja-ing? The results aren’t such a large margin. And of course, you’re going to have to pick your weapon… who carries the best gear?

The Female Preference – Wow, close call on this one.

The Comfort Factor – Both may sport baggy pants, but which one wins out?


Well we don’t want to monopolize all the ideas, but we’re very anxious to see some contributions. Add a comment and link us some of your Google Fights. What can you find?

Special Edit: I went back and checked out the results again, and they seem to change! Oh that is juicy…. expect varying results.

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Robospidey – Tobey Maguire Eyeing The Lead Role for Robotech

The long lasting anime franchise, Robotech, has seen numerous incarnations over the years. However, sources say that Tobey Maguire may be staking a greater claim in Hollywood as producer and lead star of a live action version. Warner Brothers has already acquired the rights to the IP and is looking to launch this title under the name of Maguire Entertainment.


Tobey Maguire’s Latest Costume, Rick Hunter

Fans can expect to see Maguire to star as lead player Rick Hunter in the series, but aren’t as sure that Maguire will be back in the spideysuit as spiderman. It looks like Maguire is finding a real comfort zone in being a hero, and for good reason. Both Spiderman and Spiderman 2 hold the 7th and 10th top grossing movies of all time spots respectively. Although some critics out there are already buzzing the horn on Maguire and WB, claiming that they’re trying to ride on the coattails of the recent rob0-obsessed Transformers fame, the outlook does seem pretty positive.

Robotech fans are an active community. The franchise started in the States in 1985 as the first anime series to make it overseas and garner a large fan base. Sharing popularity with series such as Voltron and Transformers, Robotech has a good chance at making a splash with the big names behind it.

Worth Reading: Robotech Companion News, Filmwad Article

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A Site Worth A Peek – retroCRUSH

You wouldn’t believe the serious lack of good sites on the web for costume enthusiasts. Well, maybe you would. I have scoured high and low for sites that have interesting things to read, cover a broad spectrum of costume interests, and are normally updated. Obviously that’s part of the reason why we’re here.

Well, we’re not selfish with our traffic and thought it would be nice to show off a site from time to time that has some kind of relation to what we do. Yesterday, I bumped across retroCRUSH.

First I have to clear up why we see retroCRUSH as a legit relative to MyDisguises. Well, the thing that first got my attention was the articles featured on the main page as I passed by. The first one is about the best superhero costumes of all time. I read through the logic behind it and can’t say I disagree. Second is a feature with Rob Zombie over the creepy Halloween movie that just came out.



Who doesn’t have a retro crush on this old costume?

The site doesn’t talk about costumes all the time… as they have clearly left that responsibility to us.  What they do well is cover years of pop culture with style. Even the site layout and design looks like the old days of the web. Nice job retroCRUSH! Active forums and a long time podcast only add to the coolness factor. All in all, it’s a site definitely worth checking out. I’m sure you could also get some killer retro costume ideas from them.

Check out retroCRUSH and let us know what you think. We’ll aspire to one day be that robust and full of good content!

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Who are you dressing up for anyway?

This weekend I was talking to a friend of mine about relationships. She told me that when it comes to fashion, women primarily dress up to impress each other, not men. The first thing to hit my mind was, “huh”?

According to her philosophy, getting “cute” for a guy isn’t that hard because men aren’t picky. But women want to be noticed for their fashion sense, and it’s other women that will notice. Of course, this probably doesn’t apply to ALL women, but it’s a new notion for me. I proceeded to explain to her that if men didn’t have to impress women, then they’d be wearing clothes until the fabrics ran thin and there was no other option. Can’t compare apples to oranges, right?

So then what about with costumes? I look back on the costumes I’ve dressed up in, and they’ve always been to get a laugh or comment from someone else. I figured, “well, Halloween is all about dressing up to get attention, right?” For the most part, this is true. BUT, not everyone dresses up only on Halloween. Then I had the question in my mind as to whether people make their costumes to impress others or just for themselves.

With a pen and paper in hand, I did a small survey of people in my local area. According to the 100 people, I found that 66% of them claimed they dress up just to impress themselves. They don’t seem to care what others think. They just like to do something that they thought would be cool, and if people like it, that’s fine. Hmm, interesting..

My resources were limited, but I did hit some forums on the Internet to ask people why they like to dress up.  I had similar results. So then what about everyone reading this blog? Who do you do it for?

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Prepping for the Season

Now that it’s officially September, we’re gonna start gearing up for our big season. Halloween is just a couple of months away and we’re already thinking of what we want to provide the community with. It’s tricky to come up with totally original content, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try. We’ll be trying to cover everything from costumes and DIY stuff, to totally unique and wacky things you won’t see elsewhere. If our readers find anything worth note, please inform us and we’ll get on it right away. In the meantime, stay tuned for some fresh content coming soon!

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