Site of the Day: Fandango’s Halloween Haunt

It’s amazing how rough it’s been for me to find good stuff to write on when it’s this close to Halloween. It seems that too much opportunity makes for tough decision making. Either way, I have some things to report on, so I’ll keep it coming.

I thought I’d draw everyone’s attention to this new Halloween site put up by Fandango. If you don’t know what Fandango is, then you either hate movies, hate the Internet, or just haven’t been informed. Fandango is a film site that sets readers up with reviews, movie times, and more.

Well this year they’re adding to the October festivities by launcing their Halloween Haunt site. From the looks of it, there’s more activity than you can shake a witches broom at. Yeah, I said it, witches broom.

Fangango is rocking a good deal of ideas for costumes, top 10 lists, polls, dirt on creepy movies, and a whole load of creepy imagery. If not just a sweet springboard for great Halloween ideas, it’s a nice place for a dose of Halloween news. Yeah, it’s that good. We suggest you read up there, but bookmark em next to us so you don’t lose track of all the radness that’s spouting from MyDisguises.

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