Costume T-Shirts for the Minimalist In You

Costume T-Shirts


[via Uncrate] 

One of my secret personas, beyond writing about costumes that is, is my creative/stylish/artistic self. Suffice it to say that I take great pride in aesthetics.

For this reason, I frequent Uncrate. Uncrate is a great site for anything shiek for men. It’s worth a browse on a very regular basis.

Uncrate decided to unknowingly pay homage to all things worth of MyDisguises by posting some great new costume T-shirts. I guess if the minimalist in you needs to have an idea for Halloween, this is perfect. Although¬†they’re not as flashy and extravagant as we’re used to promoting, they do score points in the coolness category.

Thanks Uncrate, now I can have a good backup costume for my many parties this year.

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