Cosplay Favors Women more than Men?

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 Across the gender lines, Cosplay tends to favor women. I’ve noticed this ever since I got into the cosplay scene for MyDisguises. As a total rookie, I didn’t come to expect this. I did realize, however, that many popular cosplay characters tend to be males. So how does it figure?

Well, there are a number of theories. Maybe it’s the fact that a lot of anime characters look gender-bendingly female? Is it because women like to dress up more? There’s also the fact that cosplay costumes are basically DIY, and more women sew and make clothes… I’m not totally sure.

 I took it up with the pros at forums just for some real input. The thread has gone wild, and there are a number of great ideas as to why more women dress up in cosplay than men… or so it seems. Check out the tread and add your input.

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3 Responses to Cosplay Favors Women more than Men?

  1. Derp says:

    Cosplay favors men. Women just normally spend more time making theirs. There are bazillions more options as a guy if you want to go as a strong developed character as opposed to a pair of boobs.

  2. Ryoga says:

    Cosplay is kinder to women than men (at least from the outside looking in) because most men are considered too ugly to look at: otaku and people in general WANT to see more women so they’re nicer if their costumes aren’t as good or aren’t as detailed. -women are less likely to be yelled at ‘Your costume sucks!’ ‘Nerd!’ or ‘F*g!’

    There also isn’t as negative a stereotype associated: overweight, ugly facial hair, sweatpants and t shirts, slobs that smell, and/or dateless wonders. Everyone is cruel to people who are overweight and both sexes get it, on forums or in person – you’re just less likely to get a pass or be defended if you’re male.

    Women have a wider range of potential costumes available. In addition to the fact that across all genres mens’ wear is being streamlined to western business suit and formal-wear while women retain traditional culture outfits as templates, women also have the option to cosplay characters that are young boys, lanky men and Japanese bishonen. Castlevania’s Alucard, Kingdom Heart’s Sora, and too many more to list are more likely to be Women.

    Female cosplay has one last ace over male: facial recognition. (It feels like) I don’t know any male cosplayers by their face and the stigma encourages them to hide, add more cosmetic disguises or choose costumes that grant anonymity.
    There is room for guys in the hobby, you’d just better be prepared to be a male supermodel or be the guy who built the mechanized Iron Man and Warmachine suits (that’d retail for 10k if Mattel sold them) if you want as much attention and positive feedback as the girls.

  3. Marysia says:

    As a straight female who loves the idea of cosplay (never tried it myself) and loves looking at awesome costumes, I want more men to feel comfortable dressing up. Come on, guys, don’t be shy. You don’t *have* to be a “male supermodel.” I’m frankly tired of trying to find awesome Zelda cosplays for example and discovering that 90% of the Links out there are girls dressing up as Link.

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