World Costumes in Pictures – Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is one of the great cultural celebrations from around the world, and is observed in more than it’s originating country. Apparently, around 6 million people attend the festival in Munich, Germany every year. That’s a lot of beer.

If you’re really into it then you’ll get dressed up for the affair. A standard set of Lederhosen (not Liederhosen) can run hundreds of dollars. Is it worth it? Women also dress up in traditional fold dresses. Check out the pictures below.


1600 of the 12,000 people employed at Oktoberfest are Barmaids. I wonder what other work there is to do besides serve beer??


A huge mug is very much part of the costume. Rarely are people seen without.



Even the Bierwagens (Beer Wagon) get dressed up in traditional dress.


Are those denim shorts under the Lederhosen?


There’s never an excuse for not wearing the more traditional dresses at Oktoberfest.


A classic set of Lederhosen.

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