Site of the Day: TV in Japan

Let it be known that TV in Japan is plain weird. Although sometimes I have to wonder how their culture differences play in. I mean, there must be things about our TV that are strage too, no? Perhaps Football is a absurd sport to them? And a show like Seinfeld where people just “hang out” is supposed to be funny?

But they couldn’t possibly think those things about us, could they!?

Well no more need to justify. Whatever the case, TV in Japan delivers pure, unadulterated TV clips from Japan that are easily worth a view or two. What does this have to do with Costumes? Well, culture is a costume in and of itself and we get a lot from the Japanese. This is pretty rich. After all, to borrow a phrase from the site… “This is what TV is like. In Japan.”
Anyway, enough of my blabbing. Let the site and the videos do the talking for themselves. Here’s a taste of some great Japanese TV with the accompaniment of our beloved California Governator, Arnold Schwartzenegger.

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