Up For Discussion: Are Pet Costumes A Bit Too Weird?


I know our audience pretty well, it’s not much of a secret. We have plenty of readers who like to dress up their pets. They think it’s cute. I have a secret of my own though.

I’ve been taught from the time I was young that people who treat their pets to human food, dress them up, and talk to them about their day, are strange. It’s one of those doctrines that gets pumped into the head so early that it’s hard to emerge from. When my aunt would come over and start talking to my mom about putting some nice clothes on our old dog, my mother’s eyes rolled all around her head.

Well, I have to wonder what the ratio of people who would dress up their pets to those who think it’s rediculous is. What do you think? Is there a fine line between being a scrooge and being pet obessed? What are the limits to dressing up your pet?

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One Response to Up For Discussion: Are Pet Costumes A Bit Too Weird?

  1. Leslie says:

    they look so cute I LUV these type of dogs.

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