10 Excuses for Being Caught in an Awkward Costume

We’re obviously interested in getting people into costumes, and not feeling bad about it. There’s definitely a stigma about dressing up. Yeah, so it’s not a good idea to slip into your spidey tights while watching reruns of Seinfeld at home… that is a bit weird. But everyone loves dressing up and being different! It’s sometimes more comfortable being someone else for awhile and letting loose. That’s why Halloween is so big.

That being said, we won’t judge you if you carry your Harry Potter wand in your briefcase every day at work. But what are you gonna say when someone else finds out!? Don’t fret, we’ve got the top 10 excuses you can give to protect yourself of the embarrassment that could ensue. Here’s a list of excuses of why you’re dressed up when you find that society casts a skeptical glare your way!

10. “I have a side job as a costume tester for ________” – Blame someone else for your Indian head dress that you were caught wearing. People can’t argue. Make sure you embellish your high pay and great benefits.

9. “One of my pets died today” – Pets die, people start getting all crazy and sad. Who are we to judge someone for how they mourn. If your dog passed on and you feel you need to don a Bon Jovi wig, then you wear that wig!

8. “Lindsey Lohan is wearing these nowadays!” – Because we all want to be like Lindsey Lohan, right…..? Insert the name of your own chosen celeb.

7. “I’m crazy” – Why explain… give them something to chew on. Walk away loud and proud and let them think what they will. Twitch and shout strangely placed expletives at your will.

6. “Free carwash.. 3 miles down the road!!!” – You could always just pretend your an advertisement. This will work particularly well if you’re dressed like a Cheerleader.

5. “Umm.. it’s Halloween today. Where’s your brain?” – Mind trickery my friends, mind trickery. It works when I do it.

4. “I’m making a YouTube video” – This is the great excuse of our time. You see, all kinds of ridiculous junk makes it to You Tube, and people are actually getting famous.

3. “I lost a bet” – This is a classic, easy to accept, and makes everyone move on with their bad selves. Although, I must say it loses attention, and we don’t wanna do that.

2. “My Wife Likes It” – Men across the world understand that what the wife likes and says is basically what goes. It’s an indisputable truth that governs the universe.

1. “Your costume doesn’t look so hot itself, and you dress like that everyday!” – Prepare for some awkward silence.

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  1. dave says:

    Brilliant post, I love it!

    I would love to list these and give you a link on my site if that is okay.

    Also, thank you for the visit to Samurai Soapbox.

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