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New Segment : DIY Home Brew

I’ve never been a DIY type, but I thought that for this blog specifically, we’d try our hand at some real good DIY costumes and see how they go. I don’t have much I can do for now since I don’t have any materials to make anything with. But, in the meantime it’s my goal to pull the focus of the “do it yourself” types into Second Skin and see just what they think.

The new segment will be focused on clever costume ideas, people who are into them, and potentially feature some fun videos and photos of the costumes in the making. I’ll be enlisting the help of people all around me to see if we can’t document some of the most creative costume creations out there. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get some hits for it.

In light of this new focus to add to the blog, I thought I’d make a post with our first DIY feature. I’m not making anything here myself, but with the magic of the Interwebs I’ll bring you the best of the best in home-brewed ideas to supplement your excuse for dressing up, or down for that matter.

Gearing up for DIY time

If you’re going to make your own stuff you need to prepare. That’s our focus today. There are a few things to know if you wanna DIY your own costume. Here are the basic ideal steps to get DIY ready.

  • Idea – Come up with an idea for the costume you want to create. This is self explanatory, so I’ll leave it at that.
  • Mock it up! – I’m no artist, so I like to pull images from the Internet to convey my message to myself. Once I have a visual, I can work with it. There are some great sites out there too.
  • Get the tools – Find what you need once you have a plan and buy it all at once. You don’t want to interrupt the creative process. This could be anything from glue guns, spray paints, beads, sewing gear, and of course fabrics or whatever.
  • Document it and put it online! – This is an important step. If you get pics or videos of it, put it online and you’ll see that there are tons of people who are interested in what you have to show. I’d like to think that there would be a way to get paid for your genius, but I don’t know if anyone has come up with that plan.

So that should get you started. Come to think of it, we’ll be doing segments highlighting a lot of home brewed stuff just to keep it fresh here. You deserve the spotlight of a rock star, so send us what you have and we’ll attach it to a unique post and give you the hard earned attention you deserve!

We’ll be back soon with more DIY content, so stay tuned.

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Deathly Hallows Book Release and How To Swing It – 4 Days and Counting

I know about this from other sources, but not from my own fanhood. I swear. I’m not lying.

The sick part is the fact that I may be the only one missing out.

If you’re a true Harry Potter fan, you’ve hopped over to to track all the latest tidbits of information about book 7 and the release. Nonetheless, I’ve done some of that for you and have found some great information about book seven. I won’t be telling anyone what I know, so as to avoid spoilers. However, you can find a slew of goodies to attach to your MySpace page, link on your blog, email to your friends, and browse while working the day away.

Preparing for a Harry Potter book release is like packing for a trip. You have to know ahead of time how you’re going to go about the whole event. If you want a book on time you best know where you’re gonna be to get it. If not, you may not secure a copy. Where will you party, who will you party with, and most importantly… what are you going to wear!?

Fret no more, we’ve got tons of stuff for you to do and so I’ll pop it down on this list here. Hopefully you’ll find some value in what my wand of creativity is giving me. Like I said, I’m not much of a fan. But, if you are then you can certainly get what you need here. I’ll break it down into 2 ideas per day for the next few days before release. That way, you’ll have tons to do in preparation of the Harry Potter final book release.

Harry Potter Long Line Trivia – What else do fans love than to be smarter than their fellow fans. Put together a long list of trivia for you to break out in the lines while waiting for your book and partying with the rest of the group. Make your trivia span a long list of subjects in the Harry Potter universe. If you really want to get some crazy attention, then bring a prize. If it were me, I’d get something borderline crazy and strange. Something to remember.

Catch Up On The Movies – And just how, you ask? Well, if you expect to be in line a LONG time, then bring a sofa and a projector. Most places won’t be too hard to find a way to power the thing. Project the movies onto a wall and keep the masses entertained. If you want to take it an extra mile, then roll out your grills and make some Hogwart’s brats (I just made those up, so I don’t have a recipe yet).

For now, that’s all I’m going to offer. Come up with your own ideas. Whether you’re a business man, a football coach, or a lady who works construction, you’re never too grown up for Harry Potter.

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You don’t know what COSPLAY is!?

It’s time that we get some of our readers familiarized with cosplay. Yeah, it’s pretty nerdy stuff to a lot of people, but the following is absolutely huge. In fact, there seems to be different cosplay groups popping up all over the internet from the distant countries crossing the globe. The practice itself is nothing that’s terribly new, but its popularity brings it to the forefront of cult obsessions.

Cosplay is short for “costume roleplay” and is particularly focused on the crowd of Anime enthusiasts. If you have never heard of Anime, then you must live in a cave. Orginating in Japan, Anime is more than a cartoon. Most Anime is not even geared towards children like Animation all over the rest of the world is. And because their audiences are naturally spanning a wide range of ages, there’s a big market for true fans.

Cosplayers like the ones you see in the pictures below like to travel in packs and go to events that sponsor their activities. They do have to have a place to be, since they can’t just run around in public without a bit of mocking. But don’t think that this is a small group of interested people. Cosplayers are everywhere, and always find ways to get together and relive their favorite fictional stories.

The massive popularity of franchises such as Star Wars, Warcraft, and Harry Potter have bridged the culture gap for cosplayers everywhere. At any given time, cosplayers can be caught at conventions or movie openings. They’re everywhere. Potentially people we know, but hide it!

So what do you think? Would you ever dream of getting into cosplay? Well, if you’re the type, here are some great resources for information on cosplay and the events surrounding it!

History of cosplay via Wikipedia

Social networking for cosplayers!

Cos or Not! (Like Hot or Not for cosplayers)

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Forget Harry Potter, Dress Up For The iPhone Release!

I knew the fever for the iPhone was intense, but I didn’t know it would lead to this. Granted fanatics can tend to get so into their hobbies that they have to dress up. I just never thought I’d see a kid wearing an iPhone costume.

Hit the link – No embeddable video, sorry!

It’s nothing more than a box with some pictures that look like iPhone buttons pasted on. Clever, hmm not terribly. Funny and interesting, yes! According to the article, real iPhone purists just had to point out that layout and icons on the phone weren’t quite accurately presented. That’s an iPhone fan.

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