San Diego Comic Con ‘07

There’s something about Comic-Con. It could be the more general acceptance of comic book stories and heroes with the steady release of comic themed movies. It could also be that celebrities seem to pop up as well. Whatever it is, it’s huge.

In fact, Comic Con is bringing in all walks of life this year. T.V. fans, true blue comic fans, movie fans, etc. In fact one report talked about the majority of visitors being working class adult males. Interesting, but not a surprise as comics were a bigger form of entertainment before T.V. and video games ruled the roost. Whatever the case, it’s a huge event every year. Enthusaists get the chance to feast their eyes on some really rare comics and see the makers behind them. In an industry where collecting can be a large investment the pomp is almost not enough.

The doors kicked open last night for a preview event. That is, Comic Con officially starts today but those who paid for an early access pass got into the doors as of yesterday. Early birds got a sneak peek at all the displays and even got their hands on some unique swag. Merchandise is everywhere, covering anything from video games to collectibles. And that’s just the tip of the Iceberg.

Comic Con will be a haven for big producers and directors to preview their upcoming projects that comic fans will want a bite of. Last year, Frank Miller’s graphic novel adaptation for 300 was a huge excitement. After the movie pulled in massive amounts of money, fans are perched to see what’s next. J.J. Abrams, producer of Lost will also be bringing some information regarding a trailer for Cloverfield. Needless to say, other big franchises like Blade Runner, Dragon Ball Z, and Battlestar Galactica will all have big showings at this year’s convention.

One of the biggest cultural excitements for Comic Con are the costumes. Fans of cosplay and just dressing up in general come out in their best concoctions. We’ll have to see what emerges over the next few days, and we’ll stay close to observe the creativity. This is one of the crown jewels of the costume world. The creations are limitless and clever. So far, little has emerged after last nights preview event. But there are a few days left and thousands of fans, so the good stuff is bound to peek out of its hole.

In no way is this going to be disappointing.

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