The Red Hat Society doesn’t use Linux?

While working hard at scouring the Internet for some good ideas, I run across the strangest websites. It’s actually hard to convince my room mate and friends when they walk in and see me that I’m actually hard at work. Then I get into a long discussion about how I basically spend my time talking about the deep side of costumes, and the people that love them. Since that group is such a specific niche, I end up being a big conversation stopper and there’s not much else to say. It’s still hard to find me speechless on the subject since I’m learning more and more about the people out there who are into costumes. They’re not nearly as few as you may think.

Today I was literally puzzled at this blog I ran across. I began a search to see if there were any similar blogs that I have yet to explore. I crash landed on Fancy Flappers Unique Costumes. Strangely enough, it’s purely a blog about flapper costumes. Clearly it’s a promotional effort for a business called Fancy Flappers, who sells (you guessed it) flapper costumes. Yep, flappers. Those 1920’s carefree young women sort that I have no other concept of other than their film adaptations. Interesting that there’s a market enough for such a business.

Going further, I found out that one of the major patrons of such costuming is a group called The Red Hat Society. Now, I’m pretty sure I haven’t been living under a rock. I’ve seen a lot in my young years. After seeing this, I think I can say I’ve seen it all. I mistakenly thought that this society was affilated with the same company who makes Linux, and proceeded to wonder where a tech business finds so much interest in women’s flapper outfits. Who knows, maybe a yearly office party??

It turns out the Red Hat Society is a social group of “over 50” women who like to life whimsical lives. Yeah, I guess it’s a great thing that they are joining together. They’re armed with their own .com space, a list of requirements to get in, a vastly growing membership, and a list of “purple perks” attainable upon membership with a card. Man, I should revoke my application to the Skulls! What gets me is the deep interest in this persona they adapt in affiliating with this society. I still want to know if they all use Linux.

The more I blog, the more I see how many people like to get outside their regular selves from time to time and take on a new personality for fun. I think there are more than we know. I guess that’s who we cater to. I’d like to find out more of these types of groups. In the future, I will be highlighting different organizations that are similar to the Red Hat Society and find out more about why they do what they do. In the meantime, I’m going to investigate their potential ties to Linux!

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  1. loretta says:

    I got a letter yesterday stating that the RED Hat Society was goign out of business and wanted everyone to bail them out what bs is that? I have alot of biills who is bailing me out?
    who doe they think they are? god? God will never ask for anyone to bail them out where did the 98 million that they made with purple perks and 29,000 memberships of 39.00 each chapter for over 8 yrs gone? Many houses bought in New Zealand and to their daughter Andrea? and their best friend in Florida?
    Where did all the money go? Sueing the panties off of Red Hat Linx? And others like myself for using the words Red Hat? and Colors. Purple, and Red and Pink?

    Look at the site, find it its called SOS Save our Society.. yeah right. Who will save me? I was a victim in Katrina did the RHS help us? Its too late Sue Ellen its too late for you all, now you sink and swim with the fishies

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