Deathly Hallows Book Release and How To Swing It – 2 Days and Counting

The days inch by slowly for an ardent Harry Potter fan. After deciding to cover the event, I thought I would dig a bit deeper into the mysterious behaviors of Harry Potter fans and how they react to the excitement. I must say, it’s not much different from what you see with any typical fanatics. I honestly had this conversation with a Harry Potter reader yesterday who was touting that J.K. Rowling is the greatest contributor to modern literature in this era. Wow! I’m not going to disagree, since i’m not a critic. I just haven’t read the books.

There have been some news tidbits going around about the release. As you can likely imagine, spoilers are a big problem. According to, J.K. has updated the site asking “true” Potter fans to maintain the integrity of the book by not revealing anything out of place. Guess it comes with the territory. I believe the true fans shed condemnation to the spoiling types. However that doesn’t quell the issue.

Well, we’re here to celebrate it, and it seems as of this writing there’s only 2 days and about 8 hours left until the book gets into the hungry hands of wide-eyed fans. Have you made plans to roll out a blanket and wait for your copy? Are you getting into character? Here are our suggestions for the day. If you missed the last post with suggestions on how to enjoy the event, check this link for the first segment. Otherwise, here are today’s ideas.

Harry Potter And The Curse of the Bad Poetry – Have you ever had a bad poetry night? I did this once with some friends, and it was wicked fun. We basically all wrote the worst poems we could create. Each person comes dressed for the occasion, so we’re hoping you have that covered specifically for the release. Once all the poetry is collected, each poet gets up and shares their creations with the crowd. Some ambient music, beatnik drums, or finger snapping is always in good order. Don’t forget to bring a thermos of hot coffee or chocolate.

Harry Potter Bake Sale – For goodness sakes, there’s gonna be a lot of hungry people at these line up parties. Want to score some attention, then make some Harry Potter themed eats. The people will buy them no doubt. If you’re really a good person, you’ll give the proceeds to something noble… like building a website to convince J.K. to keep Harry going. I’m not a baker myself, but you can really get creative. I’m thinking of going to a release party just to cover it here on the blog. I know that my night would be much better if someone gave me something to eat!

Well, I’ll be looking to go and see if I can make a good video for reporting here on the blog. Keep posted to see how it all goes down. You’ll find something worthwhile I’m sure!

Alright my muggle friends, until tomorrow!

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