Courtney Coulson is Frankenstein’s Monster

What a beautiful monster. It’s been a while since I checked in on Courtney and Cosplay Couture. Wow, she’s just killing it with such amazing costumes.

Here’s Courtney cosplaying Frankenstein’s monster Eve. So amazing! Be sure to visit Cosplay Couture for more photos from this series.

After watching many, many adaptations seeing what worked and what didn’t, I ended up with a creature of my own. I call her Eve, as the original Creature is sometimes dubbed ‘Adam’, this isn’t intended to be the Bride, rather a genderswapped Creature as I wanted to channel his emotional journey.

Costume by Courtney Coulson
Make-up by Lauren Payne
Photography by Luke Milton

[via Cosplay Couture]

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Old Photo of Children Trick-or-Treating

There’s something about black and white photos that make old costumes seem extra creepy. Instead of happy children getting candy, I see a scary street gang. LOL, cool photo, though.

This was probably taken in the late 60′s, or early/mid 70′s. I sure hope nobody was foolish enough to answer “trick.” :)

[via Imgur]

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Raina the Halifax Mermaid Swimming Underwater

Mermaid Monday used to be a weekly feature here at MyDisguises, but it’s been a while. It’s certainly time to show some mermaid love.

Here’s Raina, the amazing Halifax Mermaid, swimming peacefully underwater. Hard to believe she isn’t a real mermaid. What a tail!

Want to learn how to be a mermaid? Follow Raina on Facebook!

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Man with Awesome Flower Beard

What a fancy beard! The flowers are such a nice touch this time of year. It’s time for all men to step up, because this is how you get the ladies.

[favjeans via Neatorama]

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The Perfect Peter Griffin Cosplay

It’s a real life Peter Griffin! And I mean that literally, it says so on his Facebook page. Watch this stand up routine performed at the recent Allentown Comic Con 2014.

He looks and sounds exactly like him, how funny.

[Albotas via Kotaku]

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How George R.R. Martin Writes Death Scenes in Game of Thrones

Boy, fans of Game of Thrones sure are clever. Here’s a great video by Mr.TVCow which gives us a first person view into the mind of author George R.R. Martin. To say Martin has a knack for killing off his characters would be an understatement, and this live action reenactment shows no one is safe. And choosing how someone dies is the greatest game of all.

There’s lots of fun costumes from the show, and a good dose of humor. Great job!

[Mr.TVCow via Laughing Squid]

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Pregnant Woman Cosplays in Style

This gal wanted to cosplay at a con, and she didn’t let her pregnancy stop her. LOL, a pregnant Orion slave girl, what a creative idea!

Kirk, you sly dog. What have you been up to?

[via i09]

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Barefoot Running Shoes Made of Chainmail

Barefoot running is a great way to minimize impact on nature’s paths. But ouch, it sure can hurt the feet!

Check out these shoes made out of thin stainless steel chainmail. PaleoBarefoots are “virtually indestructible” shoes designed for fans of barefoot running, while protecting the bottoms of your feet. Amazing!

[ via Laughing Squid]

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