Functional Fish Bowl Headgear

This guy is sporting some amazing fish bowl headgear. Ha, pretty crazy. And I like how it makes his head look so huge. Well done, Sir.

From what I gather, he’s known as Aquariumhead, and he started showing up at the Dutch festival Lowlands back in 2010. He’s so famous, someone even drew a painting! Very nice.

Update: Musician Joe Lawless wrote a song about him. Thanks for sharing!

2nd Update: Hmm, this song was recorded in 1993? So it’s just a coincidence? Weird (but cool).

The Man In The Trenchcoat With The Fishbowl Head

[via Reddit. Drawing by QuixoticouS]

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  • Joe Lawless
  • Anonymous

    Cool! Question: Which came first… your song, or this fishbowl fellow?

  • Joe Lawless

    Indeed, I wrote and recorded that song long ago while I was living in the Detroit area. A friend of mine found this article and forwarded it to me. Amazing coincidence across time!