Awesome Dog Costume

Here’s a very clever dog costume… it looks like two dogs carrying a gift! Very clever.

This is a spinoff of the classic Carry Me costume illusion. A great costume idea that always makes people do a double take.

If this kind of dog costume is your thing, here’s another one you may enjoy. Woof!

[via Imgur]

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  • Diane Helfer

    Does anyone know where this costume can be purchased? Thanks!

  • Mathijs Stoots

    please contact me if someone knows where to buy this costume:

  • Erin Campbell

    I would love to buy this item! I think it is so adorable! LOL. I love it! I saw a pirate as well!!!
    can you message me?

  • Miriam Morejon

    Please where can I to buy it. I love it

  • Miriam Morejon

    Please if somebody know where can I purcharse it let me know at Thanks

  • Cesar

    did anyone ever find out where to purchase this costume.
    if so, please contact me at