Awesome Cosplay: Jack from Mass Effect 2


Here’s some awesome cosplay by Jia Jem of Jack from Mass Effect 2! Wow, she looks really bad ass.

What a fabulous cosplayer — you should check out her website, she has tons of awesome cosplay photos!








[Jia Jem via Kotaku]

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  • Jer35mx

    I know it’s hard to undesrtand but if I would comment that the character is a sith of star wars and that a sith base would be too bad?

  • Kyuso

    Holy shit!
    Marry me!!! :P

  • xmfreak

    Just awesome. Great work.

  • sophiarose

    Now this is what cosplay is about! i love jack and now i love you, its sick!!x

  • Death Jester

    Most brilliant Cosplay. You have done so, so well.

  • CRow

    Amazing Cos! I am in love

  • James-the-Cat

    Really talented, these pics/vid. show tell tale signs of a perfectionist! Great hobbie to have, if there are more ideas around these sort of themes, then i’ll be having a browse, again really lovely set of pics!

  • Wow!!!

    O M G so awesome! Hot too! I had hoped to see a “real” Jack, and here you are. If only my wife would do this!

  • Tyko Brian

    This is the most PERFECT costume I’ve EVER seen!! PERFECT!!!