Sad Superheroes by Nicolas Silberfaden


Aww, have you ever seen such a sad superhero? What an amazing photo!

These tearful superheroes are photographer Nicolas Silberfaden’s latest art project, as he attempts to depict “a sombre, striking visual image that contradicts the iconic nature of strength and moral righteousness typical in American superhero imagery.”

BJP-Online has a nice writeup about Nicolas Silberfaden, who recently gained attention photographing paparazzi by pretending to be one.

Now he’s showing the sad side of superheroes as way to portray the tough economic times that America is facing.

“Making the subjects pose in their costumes against a colourful backdrop, I ask them to manifest feelings of genuine sadness – honest emotions that are a consequence of our current times. Creating the illusion that Superman does exist – that he too was fallible and affected by America’s traumatic downturn.”







Great photos, though I get the impression that Aquaman is more sad about his costume than he is about the economy. Call it a gut feeling.

[via Nicolas Silberfaden & BJP-Online]

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