Vampire Reunion!

This video is fantastic! College Humor brings us a fun vampire reunion, filled with familiar faces from all sorts of TV shows and movies.

I love how the different vampire mythology clashes – do vampires burn in sunlight, or sparkle? LOL. And the ending with the group of slayers is a great finishing touch. Well done!

[via College Humor]

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  • Courtney Coombs

    That was brilliant. I love College Humour.
    I don’t know who the other vampires were, but I’m glad Blade was there.

  • tim j.

    How can you call twilight “mythology”?

  • tim j.

    not saying its true just you wouldnt call 3 dollar vampire romances from CVS vamp mythology would you? shirtless DOES NOT equal classic.

  • Sean

    Come on, no Hellsing Alucard? Or Castlevania Alucard? Or even both, they could’ve argued over the name… Loved the count though lol

  • Jason

    They said TV and movie Vampires. Nothing about video game Vamps.

  • dough-boy

    i only recognize half the vampmires.

  • kit

    most of these vampires are from BOOKS. and its not really mythology if they are all from fiction novels. and what ever happened to Anne RIce’s annoying vampires?

  • Kait


    Kit–Anne Rice’s vampires arent annoying. They are no Count Dracula…but they are still FAAAR better than that Twilight BS!

  • sean

    what about count chocula and booberella from the simpsons

  • Chajiko

    Dude, chill out guys, It’s ALL based on mythology whether it’s in a book, movie or game, so I don’t see how using the term is inappropriate. Of course, some people actually like, do reasearch and don’t make their vamps into emasculated sparkly fangless…I’m digressing. Anyway.

    Not enough love out there for the vicious and deadly bloodsucker! :3