Midna Cosplay To Yawn For?

Kotaku boasts the fanboyism and the audience enough to post a great article that may just be eons too late for the rest of us. That’s why, today they put up this Midna cosplay from last year. What does that mean for a blog like ours that blatantly shares the very same cosplay on the very same day, despite the lateness thereof? It means that it’s just that good. And besides, our blog is all about costumes so we have the RIGHT to do it! Right?

In true cosplay spirit, Midna is a character from Nintendo’s recent installment of the Zelda series, The Twilight Princess. This is a true blue, fan loved, authentic costume based on the character. From the head piece to the pattern design, it doesn’t get much better. Can anyone top this?

Midna Cosplay

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  • http://noweb O.O

    1.Where did she get that!?
    2.What sizes do they come in lol.
    3.OMG now i want one BAAAAAAD!

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  • nancy

    hiya, i want to be midna for an upcomming convention and all i want to know is how did she make that costume or did she buy it somewhere.???

  • Saria

    OMG!!!!! I like need that costume where can i get it or how to i make it…..OMG it rocks.

  • http://www.costumecraze.com manny

    Nancy, maybe you can contact her through her profile at cosplay.com: http://www.cosplay.com/costume/96519/

  • Ral

    Wow I always wanted to marry Midna heh nows my chance…………….just kidding man i almost scared my self with that one just ignore me im just a lonly nobody in search of the right girl for me.. This may take a wile because i have the worst luck with the ladies. i dont know why. T.T maybe its because im kind of creepy. Im the guy that sits in the back of the room chillin and watching.

  • http://www.gaiaonline.com cozia

    nice i want one now XD

  • Kevin

    The ultimate costplay fantisy!!! XD

  • blackmage9

    Response to O.O and to anyone else who wants to know where to buy it:

    1) There’s no official website where to get one
    2) She obviously made it herself
    3) If you’re too lazy to make it, there’s always eBay.

    I’m such a cosplay fan. And I’m a fellow cosplayer myself. (Im not Alodia Gosiengfiao though but I love her work so that’s not my name in the description. and the deviantART is hers, not mine.) And this is absolutely

    Midna is now officially on my cosplay list. ^_^

  • WannaBeMidna

    Do they come in kids size??? :) I WANNA KNOW!

  • WannaBeMidna

    so they dont well I make one :P

  • FD2

    Beutiful! And cute!…. You all were thinking it, I was just brave enough to say it.

  • http://www.mooncostume.com xaviera

    i need that but in human form and for people who need it i know how to make it go on youtube.com and search how to make midna (human form) costume. there you will find it.

  • http://www.westcountryanime.org.uk kodana

    Awesome.. I want one.. costume or without :)

    Come on ebay.. find it find it find it..

  • Keny

    It’s cosplay of Raxephon animation!!!

  • Mireille-Chan

    Wow! Thats an amazing cosplay. So cool… *-*

  • Tina

    That’s F’ing amazing!!

  • Alex

    simply amazing, you are extremely cute as Midna! ^^ great job!

  • http://www.bebo.com/vishesthapa serd

    she has a nice body

  • beepbeep

    OMG… So sexy! *drools*

  • Lance

    lol thats actually kinda sexy… i like the pose

  • Tomii


  • http://www.thesacredrealm.forumactif.com Zelda

    It’s SOOOO cool Oh My Link I need one where to get it???

  • James

    Too bad the helmet is wrong. The eye piece thing should be over the other eye.

  • Gu

    Well it depends on which version of the game you play. This costume is canonical, corresponding to the Gamecube version of the game (which incidentally has Link left-handed) compared to the Wii version of the game.

  • Aymee

    I think I’ve discovered my halloween costume. We’re having a couple’s theme, and my husband could totally pass for link…haha.

  • Agito

    Ebay doesn’t sell the. They only come on kid sizes if you make them that way. And ALL mida costumes EVERYWHERE are made by the person wearing it. I have oe ad if youd guys like to email me at synstergates32@
    yahoo.com I would be more tha willig to tell you how I made mie

  • anthonee

    thats hot :3

  • skrl

    That cosplay is dead on! Looks really good, too.

  • Danny

    Why are girls so sexy?

  • Tim

    must suck to know after all that work on a costume, the wrong eye is covered

  • Chajiko

    I’m sure she has her reasons for covering her right eye instead of her left. Heck, that’s how I’d do it, but that’s because I have better vision in my left eye than in my right,

  • http://mydisguises.com manny

    Gu points out above, the helmet is flipped in the Gamecube and Wii, depending on which one you play…. she is matching the Gamecube version.

  • Chajiko

    Oooh! I had forgotten about that!

  • Nat

    Hahaha, when you guys were saying she had the wrong eye covered I kept going on like “What the hell…. no she doesn’t” But she is exact like the gamecube version of Twilight Princess, I haven’t played the Wii version and didn’t know that it was flipped in the wii version.
    This is just spectacular!

  • Shumeko

    I’m making a midna cosplay of my own, and I need to know how to make the fused shadow! Does anyone know? Please reply to this and LET ME KNOW!!!

  • Neko-chan

    i love the cosplay but …. pay attention to details plox

    your helm is off D:

    the eye should be on the other side
    and the snake design should meet at a circle at the middle but is just a big line D:


    love the suit tho

  • Anelir

    Awesome! That’s one of the best cosplays I’ve seen ^^ <3 great job.

  • Fiendle

    Interesting that this is the number one image result on Google when I search for Midna. I met this girl at Blizzcon 2009 when she was dressed as a draenei, and I am very impressed with how she made both of those costumes, as is Kotaku. xD

    I personally like this picture of us together (I’m the one in the yellow dress with the spider). And look at those hooves she made!

    Anyway, yes she is amazing. Love this midna pic. :) If you’re having trouble figuring out navigation on her profile, here is a link to the Midna costume if you’d like to send her your love or see how she made it:

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  • happyfeet

    fap fap fap fap…

  • will

    i like the costume but to bad it reverse the white leg and the open eye is suppose to be on the other side but other then that it great

  • MidnaMidna

    Yes, she DID make the costume. I’ve looked everywhere for one and you can’t buy a midna costume, u have to make it. But it’s not that hard once u know wat you’re doing!

  • MidnaMidna

    also, i would love to correct you all. The helmet is NOT one bit messed up. The designs are all where they should be…for all you non-zelda players, the Wii and Gamecube versions are MIRRORED… This is a fact look it up.

  • Horseysauce41


  • Marlie

    I really want this, where can i get it?

  • Abbie Klimuk

    whoa whoa whoa please tell me where you got that i need it for next years comic con please help me :contact on facebook.com at abbie klimuk