Japanese Pizza Hut Run by Cats

Now this is smart marketing. Folks in Japan are treated to these Pizza Hut commercials, which shows cats running the restaurant. Ha, I think they need more training. Head on over to Topless Robot to view more of these commercials, and there are even more here.

[via Topless Robot]

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Awesome Zordon Cosplay (Power Rangers)

Here’s a clever Zordon costume from the Power Rangers series. What a brilliant idea to attach little Power Rangers action figures. Looks like it would be hard to walk around at a crowded convention, but I assume the action figures are glued on tight. Great job!

[via Reddit]

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Hat-Wearing Lizard Rides a Tortoise

Just in time for the weekend… here’s a bearded lizard in a cowboy hat, riding a tortoise. This was filmed at the Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary in Illinois. Ha, they’re not really in a hurry, are they? Giddy up!

Lizzie the bearded dragon plays cowgirl with Rambo the sulcata tortoise. Fun times at Critter Camp!!

[CritterCampMom via Laughing Squid]

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Spider-Man vs Captain America Rap Battle

Looks like tension is building between Spider-Man and Captain America. Time for a rap battle!

Young Captain America takes on a young Spiderman in this epic rap battle of history! Who wins? You decide. This is the rap battle to watch!

[via Gorgeous]

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African Tribal Masquerade Cover of the Song ‘Royals’

Musician Alex Boye released an album called Africanized, where he puts a tribal spin on popular songs. Here he is performing the song Royals by Lorde, with some amazing costumes and makeup.

If you like this song, you should also check out the version covered by Puddles, the 7-foot singing clown.

[Alex Boye via Laughing Squid]

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Ice Bucket Challenge, Star Wars Style

Lots of people are dumping ice water on their heads, to support the ALSA charity. They’re dedicated to stamping out what’s commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

This is what happened when J.J. Abrams nominated the 501st Legion. Challenge accepted! Great job, Everyone. You can learn more about helping fight ALS by visiting alsa.org.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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Han Solo Concept Art Revealed

New concept art has been leaked, showing Han Solo’s possible fashion in Star Wars Episode VII. Wow, that duster — it looks so much like Mal from Firefly, don’t you think?

In this second outfit, Han looks dressed for the cold. Are they going back to Hoth? Only time will tell….

[via Geeks of Doom]

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Star Wars Bachelor Party

Here’s an unusual bachelor party… Star Wars style! The groom-to-be is wearing a Darth Vader mask, and all his friends are stormtroopers. What great friends. Hope the wedding goes well, congrats to the groom!

[via Reddit]

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