Katy Perry’s New Costume Music Video

Wow, this sure doesn’t look like Katy Perry. But it’s her, indeed. This is a teaser for her upcoming music video, “Birthday,” which is released tomorrow (April 24).

Perry dresses up in several costumes, including an elderly burlesque dancer, a Jewish MC, a clown and a princess. Really great costumes and makeup!

[via KatyPerryVEVO]

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Awesome Tardimus Prime Costume

Here’s a clever costume idea. A transforming Tardis! This is a fun crossover between Transformers and Doctor Who. Because after all, the Tardis should be able to transform, it’s only logical. Nice work!

Bonus fan art by Llyzabeth!

[via Cosplay Boom]

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Adventure Gear for your Kitty

Aw, I wish this were real. For April Fool’s Day, REI created this awesome page for Adventure Kitty Gear. Dress up your feline with rugged boots, burly socks, and a hiking pack. LOL, and don’t forget your freeze dried catnip and tiny machete. :)

[via REI]

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Velma with an Iron Man Mystery Machine

Well, if this just don’t beat all… an Iron Man Mystery Machine? Amazing! Yes, this is an Iron Man suit styled after the famous van from Scooby Doo. And Velma is on the case!

These two rocked the Wizard World St. Louis. Would be fun to see the whole Scooby gang. So creative, great job!

[BackBeat-Photography via Fashionably Geek]

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Awesome New Batman Beyond Short

The celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary is just getting better and better! Here’s a fun new short by artist Darwyn Cooke, featuring Batman Beyond’s Terry McGinnis and an aged Bruce Wayne. They make quite a team, don’t they?

[via DC Entertainment]

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Cute Pug Wears an Easter Bunny Costume

Minka the Pug just got her birthday present… a bunny costume for Easter! Very cute, but Minka doesn’t seem all that thrilled. Ha, what a sweet girl. Well, hopefully she’ll hop on board this weekend.

Happy Easter!

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Expensive Replica Greatest American Hero Costume

If you’re a Greatest American Hero fan, take a look at this expensive, high end replica costume for sale.

Priced at over $2,000, it looks exactly like the costume worn in the 80′s TV show. This is made and sold by MagicWardrobe on Etsy, and it looks like you can also purchase this costume on the-magic-wardrobe.com.

If you want to look at more Greatest American Hero costumes, check out this old MD post from 2008. It includes a look at the Greatest American Heroine’s costume as well. Wow, have I really been blogging on MD for four years?

The version included at this pricing point is the deluxe red stretch spandex tunic with gray stretch spandex trim at neck, wrist and hem. Optional zippers on back and sleeves included.

Red, gray and black logo emblem sewn on tunic.

Silver gray fabric belt with logo buckle center front and back Velcro closure.

Matte red stretch spandex pants (3 versions) with elastic waist and gray stretch spandex piping with faux boot tops stitched at top edge of boot covers to pants (optional elastic stirrups under shoes or optional hook and eye closures). The version included at this pricing point is the super deluxe authentic red stretch spandex pants with elastic waist, side hip zippers and gray stretch spandex piping with faux boot tops stitched at top edge of boot covers to pants, side ankle zippers, and hook and eye closures or attachments to shoes (four sets each side). Includes eyes sewn to shoes and hooks to faux boot tops.

This version like the movie one is with all the zippers and hook and eye closures on the shoes and boot tops.

Optional matching red custom leather shoes with soles and heels included.

[via MagicWardrobe]

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Close Look at Star-Lord’s Helmet in Guardans of the Galaxy

Marvel has released a nice hi-res photo of Peter Quill’s (aka Star-Lord’s) helmet in Guardians of the Galaxy. Very cool! He looks like a cyborg. Be sure to click on the image to view full size.

This movie looks so fun, I can’t wait to see it!

[via Marvel.com]

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